Thursday, November 20, 2008


Previously, on Zeroes...

" Hayden Christensen. And a cheerleader!"

Me: Fuck you, Hayden Christensen!

Hayden Christensen: I can heal myself. Regenerative abilities, baby! Healing factor!

Me: Oh. Really? Imma kick your ass, bitch.

So I kicked his ass. Again. And again.

HC: Aren' to eat my brain?

Me: Claire, that's disgusting. And you sucked on Star Wars.

HC: My name is...Hayden Christensen. It's not Claire...OOF!

Me: Stupid pretty boy. Regenerate THIS!

Missy Elliot: Missy Elliot! And I can manipulate the space time continuum!

Me: Oh Yeah? Git back into prison, bitch! Go marmalade some pussies, you fucking ho!

Missy: That's Lil' Kim, you idiot!

Mo-Sunder Raj: Hi. I am Mo-Sunder Raj, who is the brother of Mo-Keevan Raj.

Me: I don't give a shit. Bam!

MR: Ah! You shot me!

Me: With MIND bullets!

MR: Oh yeah. You shot me...With MIND bullets!

Me: Goddamn fuckers who can't even memorize their scripts. So who's next? Huh? Who's next?

Nikki Sanders: I am Nikki Sanders! And I can fry chikins fast! I'm finger-lickin' good!

Me: I will use my super-richness and hire an assassin to kill you, cause I sure as hell not touching those puppies.

Assassin: Bam!

AL: AHHH! Your wealth powers are stronger than my chikin powers!

Horn-Rimmed Glasses Guy: I am Noah! I wear Horn-Rimmed Glasses!

Me: Imma rip those glasses and smash 'em. Mash 'em!

HRG: Noooo! I can't see!

The dreaded genocide has already occured. So there is no reason for this series to continue. The world is dead. Tough. Now live with it.