Sunday, November 9, 2008

Open Invitation to All Racists

I noticed that during the RPK incarceration under ISA or the Sedition Act or whatever, the loser racists at Malaysia Today found their way to Rocky's Bru.

Now, with RPK free again, I don't know where they will go to whine and try to justify their sorry existence. Die already la!

So I am inviting them to come here and post racial slurs.

With my new BLACKBERRY (product placement, yo!), I'd be happy to reject all comments from you shithead racist motherfuckers. It will just take three clicks, and all your carefully thought out 'Lu Melayu...tatau mau cakap apa!' will go up the Internet's ass.

Eat shit, hypocritical racist motherfuckers! People don't care what you think. Fuck off and die.