Monday, November 17, 2008

Cloud City

The lounge band is playing the Godfather theme. By Nino Rota. I think. This Blackberry can't open multiple windows.

It's a bit more jazzy than I remember.

C'mon, play some blues, man. Blues!

I am so cool. My ego is so cool.

You know, some people, they have names of musicians.

Like Billy Dee Williams.


Billy Dee Williams. And the Johnson Four!


Billy Dee Williams - Spin City

Billy Dee Williams - the Millenium Parsec

Billy Dee Williams - Crying Freeman

Billy Dee Williams - Wookie Heartbreak

Billy Dee Williams - Ewok Funk

Billy Dee Williams - Android Soul

Billy Dee Williams - Death of a Star

Man. Billy Dee Williams.


Names have power. My name, it's Arabic. It means, 'Leader of the Sentinels'.

It is not 'Leader of those who know the Koran by heart.'

My name is spelled with a 'zai' and not a 'dzo'.

But man.

Billy Dee Williams.