Tuesday, February 2, 2016



So some time ago, I found myself in a bar in Pattaya with a girl making googly eyes at me. I had rung the bell at the bar, which means that I bought everyone a round of drinks. Since there were only five people at the bar, this came to five drinks at a very affordable THB500 (RM50).

So I was fretted upon. They fussed over me, making sure I had fresh coasters for my orange juice - my Jaka Denial days behind me - because I kept tearing them apart. Carlsberg or Tiger coasters, when wet, can easily be picked with fingernails.

Anyway, we got into a conversation. I began telling the girl of my rambunctious exploits in the world of Malaysian cinema.

Me: And then I told the director that I thought the voice over was horrible... and later found out it was HIS voice!

She laughed. She then proceeded to tell me her story - about how she came from the village and got a job in Pattaya and is now saving up for a trip to Europe.

Girl: I lie!

I fixed my gaze directly into her eyes. I hate liars and I was stunned as to why she would lie about going to Europe.

Me: I don't lie.

She looked perplexed. The other people at the bar - a mamasan and a ladyboy waiter - began coming to her aid, checking up on me and offered me another drink, on the house.

The girl's lower lips were trembling as she said,

Girl: But I lie you! I lie you too mutt!

Me: Ah, I said. I like you too.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Persistence of Dickery

Evil is comical, I must assure you.

I have seen, in recent weeks, a millionaire dangling a job in front of another millionaire, thinking the other guy is some sort of urchin trying to beg for money.

In fact, the first millionaire - Millionaire A - might have less money than Millionaire B. Millionaire B just sat there, quietly, and watched all this with a bemused look on his face.

I was also dangled a lot of things in front of my face by people who think I desire anything. Jobs, pussy, money. They think I operate like they do. Like I don't know which hole they came from. Because I've been to that hole before.

My ego, of course, started jumping up and down.

"You DARE dangle anything in front of me? ME? The Greatest Mind of the 21st Century?"

But... it is correct to simply sit and see these performers jump from one leg to the next, thinking he's such a great intellect and how everyone is beneath him.

My ego sensed their egos and wanted to jump. This is my training, to sit down quietly. To not react.

In Pendekar Laut (Tigershark) comics published originally by Ocean Creative or whatever, Pai Zonan went to an asylum to train his patience.

I feel like Zonan, even though I have always hated that character. Sang Elektron - Tony Loy - was more my style. A man who took on the entire universe. He died, of course.

Righteous Bothers

One of the biggest Intellectual Property rights gossip in the animation industry where one party had all their IP practically robbed, elicited this comment from someone: "I spoke to them, and they learned a lot from the experience."

She was trying to sell this regretful occurrence as something good for everyone.

It's like saying, "Oh, that girl got raped, and she learned A LOT from that."

I've been approached by more and more people with greed in their eyes these days. It sickens me. Almost as much as people who lie to me. I keep my memory pristine. I remember each and every lie, every attempt at manipulation.

I don't take it personally, of course. Maggots would eat any corpse. You just have to keep moving so they don't crawl up your ass.

My ego sometimes flares up. "How dare you try to lie and/or cheat ME? I am the Greatest Mind of the 21st Century! The Destroyer of Worlds! With a wave of my hand, I will destroy everything! And you will gaze upon me - beautiful and terrible to behold on a landscape of ashes."

And then half an hour later, the anger passes as actions and plans form and require attention. Rather unfortunate because none of this is necessary. But it is.

We have so many horror stories about robbed IPs in this country that it would be extremely stupid not to learn from them and take steps to make sure it never happens again. IPs on their own are not worth much, unless significant effort is put into them, but the rights of creators will be protected, come hell or high water.

Unnecessary Evil

I don't understand it.

For most of the evil I see being committed around me, they are usually totally unnecessary. If one had stayed honest and true, and not overcome by stupid greed, everything would be fine.

Unfortunately, here we are. And even bigger evil is done if these are allowed to fester.

All one can do, though, is to protect one's self and whenever possible, to stop evil from happening.

It's nice to know that with one well-placed word, evil can be stopped.