Friday, April 27, 2012


Today marks the start of a long journey - KL-Kuching-KL-Kuantan-KL-Bangkok-KL.

I'll be back on May 7.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Time in Thailand

I was asleep in one place and woke up in another. If you wake up in a different time zone, can you wake up as a different person?

The first time I went to Thailand, I was chased by these dogs with exo-skulls. Then, a go-go girl from Club Electric Blue came out and hissed them away.

I tried to follow her, but I was stumbling a lot so she threw my spear and said, "You make too much noise. Like a baby!"

So I followed her to her village and learned how to ride dragons.

There was some bullshit with some mercenaries, but we sorted that out.

That was, God, that was seven years ago.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I am the 21.5 Inch!

I have a 21.5 inch screen. Sometimes, I must remember that others are not so fortunate.

Like me a few weeks ago with my old 15-incher.

Why I Love Thailand So Much

As soon as I booked my ticket to Bangkok, I find myself not giving a shit about anything else.

My entire being is living in the future, which is not good. Past and future only exists as the present moment.

However, I guess I'll tell you why I love Thailand so, so much that I now feel invincible. It's not because they have cheap, beautiful hookers. They do have an abundance of pretty young girls who will sit with you for a drink, amongst other things, but they are not cheap, literally and figuratively.

You see, Thailand for me is not about sex. It transcends that. I love that country for the energy. They project this kind of soothing vibe that makes me calm down.

You see, I first went to Phuket for a vacation after the Boxing Day tsunami. I expected a town in mourning, but it was business as usual and the people chirpy as always.

The energy that I feel from them was not victim energy or pain energy, but the general, staple projection is one of acceptance.

I don't hate KL, and I do not believe any place makes us depressed or happy. In fact, I believe it is our own choice whether we are sad or joyful. However, it is much easier to relax in Phuket than in KL.

To a younger version of me, KL exuded pain, spite and screamed of insecurities. Phuket was like a smile as the world passes by.

I thought it was because Phuket is an island. So I went to Bangkok - a metropolis busier and more chaotic than KL. The effect, though, was the same. I still felt this alien calm which baffled me.

At that time, I was regularly visiting Thailand to relax. Partly because my doctors began telling me I would not live past 40, but mostly because it was the one place in the world where I could really relax.

In KL, the stakes were high. Talking to people, revealing too much of yourself - being honest - was a risk, especially for a young swamp person like myself. My family has nothing and I don't have anything to fall back to. I didn't feel safe in KL at all, and there were times I woke up with a cold sweat from a nightmare, to consider that the reality is not far from the dream.

And yet in chaotic, jammed Bangkok, I found solace. Not in the sex, or 'in' the people, but in a culture that promotes peace, regardless of the bombings on its southern borders.

Before that feeling goes away, I began to try and learn what is the secret of Thailand to make it the perfect vacation country.

Thais actually face more daunting challenges than Malaysians. I know of Thai schools where they only have two or three teachers. Some, merely a handful. In Malaysia, even the most rural of places have at least a dozen or more teachers.

Some Thais I know who work in the sex industry are degree-holders. In fact, I even found a go go girl who was a computer programmer and loves anime.

They have so many things they could complain about, but the amount of whining is kept to a minimum. And they always smile. Authentically. Well, most of the time.

I'm not saying they're angels, but I believe Thais in general - and this is stereotyping on the verge of racism - are happier than Malaysians because they are grateful. They are mostly - the happy ones at least - in an attitude of gratitude. Not to me or any 'customer', but the universe.

Malaysians love to complain without realising or acknowledging the fact that we are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem. Whining NEVER makes a problem go away. Action does. Decisions do.

And if we only focus on problems in a whiny way, then we become a whiny, problematic people. If we take a moment to realise and be grateful for the things we DO have - running water, electricity, food, rain, then maybe we would not be so bothered what other people have. Perhaps we can project some wonderful vibes other than the constant moping and wannabe attitude that so permeates some clusters or some of our time.

Whatever. I love Thailand and I am thankful it is there.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sticky: Announcement

Go to for more articles from more writers. It is a content experiment blog to see people's reaction to various articles, attitudes and tones.

I'm one of the writers.

Leave a comment. If it gets a lot of response, we will create more shit like that. If not, well, wait for the next announcement then.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Children of the Corn

Rather than going out and peeing on Mansuh PTPTN kids at Dataran Merdeka, I went and had beef soup at Lucky Garden, where I met some old friends from The Malay Mail.

I asked about the paper, of course, but I really didn't want to talk about the 'future of the industry' or some such nonsense.

For the record, I believe newspapers and the newspaper business will outlive me, so why should I bother running my mouth?

So, rather than talk about The Malay Mail, which I consider to be my Vietnam, I talked about myself.

It always surprises me when people do not know that I come from the swamp. I have always thought that being the most important man in the omniverse meant everyone would scour the Internet, hungry for any scrap of information they could get on me.

Carefully, over the years, I have built an online presence, an identity for people to collect and cherish and remember and celebrate on holidays.

Well, since my dissemination of information is at fault, let me do it all over again.

I come from the swamp. It's a big swamp, hence the name of my parliamentary area is Paya Besar.

My father worked as a teacher and he had a hobby as an experimental occasional farmer. All his children were put through the ringer from a very early age.

For my brother, it was herding cows. Fucking hard work. My sisters? Gathering fruits and selling them.

Me? I fucking planted corn. Planting corn is the WORST JOB IN THE WORLD.

You make holes half a foot apart and you have to water it twice a day with a fucking empty condensed milk can. One can per hole, for each and every hole. Twice a day, every day.

And then, for fertiliser, it was chicken shit. One scoop per hole, from the gunny sack you had to lug around.

So there I was, stooping low, with either a bucket of water or a sack of shit, three times a day, every day.

The pay-off? My father would get me to sell the fucking corn, at RM2 for five husks - practically World War 2 prices. The profit, after a few months work? Around RM100-200.


Growing up, I realised that if I stayed in Kuantan at the time, I could be either be a sales assistant, a teacher or a drug addict.

Fuck that shit, man. So I got out when I was 12. All my siblings got out when we were 12. All of us left home.

So whenever I had to do something difficult, I remember those days when I planted corn - just a few weeks, really - and I am grateful for every fucking chance I get.

In my short life on earth, I have done whatever the fuck I wanted, and I have seen whatever the fuck I wanted to see. I have said everything I ever wanted to say. If I die tomorrow, fuck it. Just fuck it.

I'm not afraid to fail because I have failed at everything. Everything! I have fought, won and lost - I don't remember the victories, but I do remember losing.

Nothing, though, nothing, can ever compare to corn.

So break out your hard cases, throw me your best shot, say whatever, do whatever. I don't give a flying fuck.

No matter what I do in life, no matter how hard I fail, I got out of the swamp, and to the swamp I shall return.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Occupy My Ass: Strange Bedfellows

A few years ago, I declared a one man war against PTPTipu. Oops, PTPTN.

My target? Their dumbass customer service who told me they 'didn't want my money, just want to bankrupt me LOL.'

I made peace with them when PTPTN improved their customer service last year, rising from howling gibbon rating to normal human after I dealt with them. Now they're okay.

Yes. PTPTN is okay.

Then these dumbass motherfuckers, calling themselves the Mansuh PTPTN movement, tried to shit on everything by calling for the destruction of PTPTN - the very institution that gave them money to go and study.

I mean, what the fuck?

You want the Government to just write off your loan? For what? Did you... fight in a world war for the country? NO. Did you... cure cancer? NO. Are you even tax-paying citizens of Malaysia? Hell naw!

So, what the fuck, man? What the fuck?

And then there's this movement at Dataran Merdeka - Occupy Dataran. What the fuck are they fighting for? Nothing.

Here's an excerpt from their FB page:

#OccupyDataran is a new independent & autonomous grassroots initiative to reclaim Dataran Merdeka as an open and democratic space for people to gather, discuss and explore the true meaning of democracy beyond the representative system, to redefine democratic participation beyond the ballot box, to imagine a new political culture beyond race, ideology and political affiliation, and also to lepak, spend overnight and dream together at Dataran Merdeka.

The "KL People's Assembly", an open, egalitarian and democratic platform for people to share ideas, address problems, explore alternatives, propose solutions and make decisions on any issues collectively through consensus decision-making and direct participatory democratic processes will be held at Dataran Merdeka as part of #OccupyDataran, every Saturday night from 8pm to 11pm.


These kids are being used by political parties, tapping into their victim mentality and dementia at being oppressed.


People in Sudan are being oppressed. Somalians? In distress. North Koreans? Oppressed.

Fucking Bukit Damansara is not under war, poverty, hunger or whatever the fuck. Kelang, or Kajang - no matter how shitty - is not oppressed.

Why don't you take your stupid dementia, roll it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, and shove it up your ass so high, you can finally swallow your own anus.

Hey, Malaysians! Grow some balls. And fucking grow up.

National Pornographic Sexplorer!

Yes, Pimp Masta G is back, with a new season of... National Pornographic Sexplorer!

Your Last Son of Pimpton is back with another trip to The Source of All Power - Thailand.

I'm going, so fuck all of you! Yeah. I don't want anything to mar my happiness or divert my focus from the only thing that is precious to me - Thailand!

Woo hoo!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flu Fighters

I come from the swamp. And to the swamp I shall return.

I grew up in the swamp, and I was a sickly child, getting a cold almost every week. Which means that my immune system is highly developed. In my 20s, I rarely get sick. When I do, flus generally stay only 24 hours in my system. A fever? A handful of hours.

I guess I am getting old.

The doctors also concurred with my self-diagnosis on another ailment - I suffer from pompholyx. It is a skin disease I probably inherited from my mother, resulting in itchy bubbles of water under my skin and quite susceptible to secondary infection.

"The cause could be stress-related," my doctor said.

"Or an allergic reaction," I added. She nodded and I went on to explain to her how I isolated my dish-washing liquid as the cause.

It has been four days since I was infected with the flu. The fever has gone and I believe I can go to work tomorrow, even though I am prone to coughing and sneezing fits still.

I do not believe this is dengue, as my fever is not prolonged and I do not see any splotches of sub-cutaneous bleeding on my limbs.

What I do have are these wonderful drugs that make my head feel heavy. I took some 20 minutes ago.

Judging by my mass, I should feel the effects right about... now.

Ah, there it is.

G'nite, then. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Malay Malaise

Aku pergi lepak dengan bebudak sekolah aku semalam. Boleh jugaklah masuk, dan aku takdelah berbulu telinga. Kira okaylah.

Topik perbincangan pun banyak, bukan sepesen je. Aku rasa antara sebabnya, kitorang semua dah tua kot.

Cakap dengan Melayu ni, kadang-kadang aku rasa nak muntah. Ada masanya, kalau aku bercakap dengan sesetengah Melayu, aku rasa macam aku bercakap dengan beruk.

Ini judgment akulah. Aku tak salahkan sesiapa. Sapa suruh aku bercakap dengan beruk, ye dak?

Antara benda yang beruk-beruk pernah cakap dengan aku:

1. "Dia sebenarnya anak orang kaya, Amir."

Pertama sekali, persepsi kekayaan orang Melayu amat menghiburkan aku. Bagi diorang, net worth a few hundred thousand, kaya.

Kalau seluruh harta benda ko nilai dia a few hundred thousand, ko tak kaya. Ko senang. Kaya adalah duit ko bahagi semua tanggungan ko. Kalau hasilnya masih lebih sejuta, ko kaya.

Aku? Aku miskin. Hahahaha.

Kedua, kalau orang tu kaya, baguslah. Ko nak segan buat apa? Apa, ko ingat kalau kau bersopan dan pergi hisap jubur taik orang kaya, dia bagi ko dua ringgit? Sebab ni aku cakap mentaliti sesetengah Melayu, mentaliti binatang.

Ketiga, kekayaan seseorang bukanlah sesuatu yang meletakkannya lebih tinggi atau rendah daripada orang lain. Malah, konsep tinggi rendah ini adalah berlandaskan ego.

Orang kaya ke, orang miskin ke, kalau puki berdarah, puki berdarah gak. Toksah nak berlagak la.

Keempat, kalau setakat anak orang kaya, so? Bapak atau mak dia yang berusaha gigih untuk jadi kaya. Dia belum tentu.

Ya, aku memang seksa sikit anak orang kaya, bukan pasal ego aku, tapi aku nak imbangkan keadaan. Anak orang kaya biasa tak pernah hidup susah, kena kerah. Jadi, aku cuba imbangkan keadaan.

2. "Dia hati busuk, tapi dia lawa."

Kalau bukan harta, Melayu memandang paras rupa untuk memanjangkan agenda egotistikal.

Sesetengah Melayu jenis binatang, memikirkan kalau seseorang tu lawa/cantik, maka dia mempunyai lesen untuk buat apa saja, pasal Melayu jenis binatang amat shallow.

3. "Aku nak kena rogol, lepas tu kena pukul, sebagai hamba abdi, supaya aku boleh masuk syurga."

Ini khusus untuk Melayu betina. Sesetengahnya bercita-cita untuk menjadi hamba abdi. Obedient Wives Club bukanlah satu benda yang unik, malah mewakili mentaliti binatang sesetengah Melayu betina.

Jenis Melayu betina ini semuanya pemalas, dan meletakkan semua tanggungjawab atas bahu Melayu jantan. Sebagai galang gantinya, mereka rela diperlakukan seperti anjing dan beruk, juga hamba abdi zaman Rom.


Pergi mampus apa orang nak cakap/fikir. Aku pedulitaik?

House of M: Prints of Persia

For the past five years, I have been hawking my ideas to newspapers on how they could survive the changing times. How they can take journalism into the 21st Century. At least for this country, or beyond.

The result was absolutely nothing done and no one listening to any of my ideas and understanding them.

I accept responsibility for my own failings in conveying my ideas. I was not and am not adept at Powerpoint presentations, and when I speak, sometimes I slur.

I have done everything I could. I left lucrative jobs so I could give newspapers one last try. In one instance, I was selling the Huffington Post model. Most print people, however, see anything and everything that has not been in place for at least 40 years as bad.

I remember explaining to a person, "We do this and this, and after a few years, we sell it for RM50 million and run."

They looked at me as if I had stepped down from a spaceship. "RM50 million?" The amount was ridiculous, right?

And so Huffington Post was sold for a few hundred million dollars. US dollars.

I began breaking up my idea into smaller ones. No one took it up, and soon Instagram was sold for a billion dollars.

I do not blame any of them. But I have also learned to shut up. I am merely a worker, a cog in the giant machinery. I am NOT the custodian of journalism or new media.

The more I speak, the more people will not listen. So I shut up. And I decided to be happy.

I am not the solution nor the problem. I refuse to be a factor, and I refuse to be a superhero. I cannot save any of them, and thinking that I could, was hubris. Arrogance.

If I am guilty of arrogance, I can say that those who are causing the decline of the traditional media as selfish. They simply want to get paid until they retire. Fuck the newbies, who will one day face a future without a job.

I no longer need validation or approval from anyone. I don't need people to tell me I'm right. I KNOW I'm right.

I am a witness, an observer, and I will no longer try to change anything.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Every day, I share my cigarettes with the security guards at my apartment. After a while, they get a bit awkward and begin to try and do things for me.

So, I tell them, "Pray for me." "Why?" they ask. "Because I do not," I tell them.

One of them prays to Ganesha - the Remover of Obstacles. Another, is a Christian. The Muslim guard, I told him to pray for money for me.

So far, I have yet to win the lottery.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Some friends have been asking me about my meditation techniques, perhaps wanting to hear that I worship the Roman snake God Glycon or that I use it to teleport to the kitchen to fix myself a snack.

My take on this is simple.

I start breathing, and I start being aware of my breathing. Not forced, not long, dramatic inhalations, just normal, regular breathing.

I make myself aware of my mind, which is always active. This mind of mine kept me awake with insomnia for five years. For five long years, I slept at the most three hours a day.

My mind works in the way that it looks at available information, establish scenarios and then simulate as well as extrapolate what will happen and what steps will be taken in days, weeks, months, years.

I take information very seriously and those who lie to me simply have cluttered my brain, so I mark them as undesirables and place them in boxes labeled 'REJECTS'.

I have blacklisted a lot of conmen this way.

People who lie to me are simply trying to pollute and poison my mind with misinformation. It screws up my calculations.

So anyway, when I meditate, I accept my hyperactive mind. And I shift my focus to my breathing, the things that I touch, that I see or hear. I focus on the thing and the experiences without labelling them. They eventually become something other than what their names are.

Once in a while, I would think about people, but people are irrelevant. Each individual is wrapped by many layers of labels until you do not even see the person inside. And they will also try to plaster you with labels as well.

This is called judgment. Jesus said, "Judge ye not, motherfuckers!"

When you come to a point when all you focus on is what you are experiencing at the present moment, you no longer worry about the future, about people and recognise all drama as what they are - a resistance to the present compelled by obsessive labelling.

If you resist the present, you resist reality. There is a name for this condition - insanity. This is why I find most people delusional and crazy. Most often stupid.

Trapped in their little world, while those who suffer try to inflict their suffering, their pain on others. The righteous ones try to push their righteousness down people's throats, insecure of their own truths - whether they are right or wrong.

Insignificant. Irrelevant.

What is relevant is now. And right now, I am typing without wearing pants.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kitaran Asura

Aku sudah lama ingin menerjemah karya Eckhart Tolle agar senang difahami oleh ramai orang Melayu.

Namun, aku sedar yang apa-apa percubaan untuk mengubah pola pemikiran sesiapa pun akan berakhir dengan berak, atau kalau ini filem Melayu, dengan air mata dan bukak stokin.

Kalau aku kaitkan dengan ajaran Islam, nanti aku kena tangkap dengan orang gila.

Jadi mari aku ulas dalam bentuk yang lebih sekular dan mudah difahami.

Ini tiada kaitan dengan agama. Kalau ada, tidak disengajakan.

Malam ini, aku nak cakap pasal niat. Niat adalah perkara paling penting dalam apa-apa perbuatan.

Niat terjadi dan diilhamkan setiap detik kita membuat apa-apa. Niat tidak hanya terjadi pada awal perbuatan. Malah, niat adalah intipati setiap perbuatan dan perlakuan.

Niat memacu setiap perbuatan dan mengenengahkan setiap jenis tenaga yang kita unjurkan pada dunia.

Niat yang jahat akan mengeluarkan tenaga yang negatif. Niat yang baik akan menghasilkan tenaga yang suci. Tenaga ini akan menggerakkan kita, jadi hati-hati dengan niat, ya?

Niat boleh menjadi buruk dengan sekelip mata jika kita dengan senang mahu dipandang tinggi atau mahu memainkan apa-apa watak palsu agar dilihat super.

Hakikatnya, tiada siapa yang 'super' sebab kalau kita super, maka kita jadi Superman. Superman hanya wujud dalam halaman komik.

Kita juga bukan lemah. Kita amat kuat sebab kita adalah alam semesta. Kita bukan sebahagian daripada alam semesta, kita adalah alam semesta.

Tiada baik, tiada jahat. Tiada betul, tiada salah. Semua adalah label semata-mata yang kita lekatkan sebab kita malas. Malas juga satu label.

Apapun, ingatlah pasal niat, dan ingat yang semua tenaga yang dikeluarkan boleh dituai dan digunakan, ditukar dan diterbalikkan menurut apa sahaja kehendak kita.

Rise Above Hate


Tonight, I went to see my old school friends and we talked till after midnight.

In my 20s, I had issues with the entire structure of clinging on to our past, because I had issues with the past.

I come from some pretty weird and tumultuous background, growing up in some hostile places. I spent my entire 20s trying to find a way to move forward with my life - which may sound dramatic, but it was just a few bitching sessions and victim stories.

A few years ago, I was besieged with illnesses and my doctors told me I would not live to see 40 if I continued to exist and work in a stressful manner. It was no joke, and I'm not being gay. I was hospitalised for various stress-induced complications.

I didn't mind dying before 40. In fact, I wished for it at some point. I am not scared of death at all, but I was worried of living a life of pain.

I was really angry. Just really, really angry. And anger, all it wants, is to be angrier. And so I became angrier. It consumed me, defined me. Blablabla.

I have gone to extremely dark places in my head, just like any drama queen. I was clinically depressed, blablabla, and all manner of mentally-induced self-flagellation.

So I discovered for myself some tenets of New Age philosophy, anchored in early Buddhist teachings - before it became a bit more commercial - and worked on my anger and hate-fueled situation.

I understand now that I simply needed to let go of my deep desire to control the world and its people, in order to move on with my life, my existence.

Because wishing for the world or its people, the past, present or future to be different is the cause of all suffering.

You do not wish. You stand still. You listen. And when the time comes, you move, and the world will move with you.

You are not the centre of the universe. It's not about you. You ARE the universe. Connected to every single thing.

It is not something I can explain in words. This sensation, this feeling, you have to experience. It does not mean you are a doormat, but that with each movement, carries with it tremendous power free from negativity. Free from hate, free from anger.

I would like to tell you that I am living an emotionless life, but I do not. I don't even live everyday free from negative emotion. I am still very much attuned to the darkness of the human heart.

But I am aware of the path that leads to the light as I am of the path to true darkness. And for now, that is enough. I have no expectations or any wish for anything to be any different.

And I am going to keep on moving, wherever that may lead me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

While I Masturbate

People say a lot of things about me. Some, good. Others, bad. Most of them untrue.

When I was younger, I spent nine years seeking revenge. I was fueled by anger and hatred.

The past few years, I sought a different way, a different path, because if I went down that road, I know where that was going to lead me.

Anger, hate and pain are addictive. It drove me to work harder than anyone else I know. In the end, all I can say is water that floats a ship can also sink it. That's a line from Drunken Master 2.

These days, you can throw whatever at me, and I'm still the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be. I don't whine - I work. No matter how bad it got, I still went on.

Yeah, I did not finish one job last year - worst feeling ever. For an hour. Then I continued working because I know feeling sorry for myself is bullshit.

Because I am a worker, some might try to take advantage of me. Or, feeling threatened, try to nick me with their dull knives. All those people are dead, and I did not kill them. They fell on their own knives. And also please know that backstabbers stab each other, and they stab themselves most of all.

All I can say is that I have worked at some of the most hostile environments known to man - the newsroom. You can spend time talking, or you can shut up and work.

In the end, it is your work that will feed you, clothe you, take you places where you never expect to go. Humans are an unnecessary distraction.

Politics is a game for the weak. It is a matter of manipulating perception, and all perceptions are false.

Moving Parts

So many things happened today. So many things yet to do. A million, billion different parts.

My friend, Joe Lee aka KlubbkiddKL was attacked on Twitter by some people.

I have had my differences with Joe, and his comments can be biting and harsh, but I do not believe he deserves to be singled out like that. And for what?

Well, there's freedom of speech and I stand by the right of anyone to say anything. However, that freedom comes tampered with wisdom.

I don't go to Thailand and spit on a poster depicting the image of their king. I won't go to Saudi Arabia and have sex in front of the police, eating bak kut teh which I visibly stole from someone.

Do I want to be able to do those things without persecution, to express my 'artistic' whatever? Yes. I believe in freedom. I revel in it.

But seriously, for what? I often ask this question when some people want to do something stupid or wasteful, and the answer is always, "Simply." or "For fucks."

You know why? Because it is driven by the ego. You want to do it because your ego felt small and your ego wants to feel big again. That's what I think. And I think this is stupid.

Every move should have meaning. With a strong core, then it is powerful. Hollowness only gets you destruction.

I believe that any freedom should be used wisely to contribute to a world you want to live in. You can have as much fun as you want, AND be of contribution.

And you can still say fuck off to the idiots. In a way that is constructive and so creative, the only thing they can mutter under their breath is, "Sial, sial...".

Our cultures all promote a light touch. That art is lost now, drowned by a youthful enthusiasm of newly-found freedom.

Our society is young. Let it grow.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sick of It

I just finished two proposals and my brain is mush. I just reread this article and it sucks, but fuck you. Suck my dick.

A lot of Malaysians get close to free medicine from Government clinics and they still complain about not getting plastic bags or some shit for their pills.

What the fuck, man?

Why bitch like a bitch?

A friend of mine broke his leg last year and all he had to pay was RM11, because his wife is a Government servant. That's right. Eleven fucking ringgit.

I'm not telling you to vote for the BN Government. But we should keep this system. Some parts of it, at least. In fact, fuck the BN Government. It is time we transcend parties and have orgies instead.

People whine about Malaysian healthcare being stupid. Well, you're still alive, aren't you? Any civil servant ever went bankrupt from paying hospital bills? Are there a lot of them? Name 10. Hell, name three.

While we do not have free healthcare, and some people are fucked if they get cancer or AIDS, we should keep what is working and improve on that instead of whining about shit you don't know.

I take care of my parents' medical stuff, right? Big fucking deal, right? Well, I must say that for years, my father only had to pay RM1 for all his monthly medicine. All he had to do was show up at the clinic for a monthly test and he gets his drugs.

I wish everyone could have the same shit. We don't. I don't. If I get sick, just fucking kill me.

Nowadays, he can't go to clinics no more cause he's sick. And if you don't go, you don't get your monthly medicine. I say this shit is fucked up. I say if citizens are too sick to go, the clinics should at least give the meds over to the family.

Nowadays, his meds cost a few hundred bucks a month. Since he doesn't have medical insurance, some procedures are done at Government hospitals, which charge only around 10% of fees at private hospitals.

Why aren't we talking about this shit? He you old people - this is your ass, man! Make some noise!

I do not believe we should have free healthcare, but we should have cheap healthcare, and we're 90% there.

I know that if I get cancer, I can depend on some stupid Government hospital to make me wait two weeks, patch me up, and send me back to war.

We can do better than this.

We can improve on the quality of healthcare if the rich fuckers go and pay for their own shit. But we should also not allow any of our citizens to die because of money.