Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Some friends have been asking me about my meditation techniques, perhaps wanting to hear that I worship the Roman snake God Glycon or that I use it to teleport to the kitchen to fix myself a snack.

My take on this is simple.

I start breathing, and I start being aware of my breathing. Not forced, not long, dramatic inhalations, just normal, regular breathing.

I make myself aware of my mind, which is always active. This mind of mine kept me awake with insomnia for five years. For five long years, I slept at the most three hours a day.

My mind works in the way that it looks at available information, establish scenarios and then simulate as well as extrapolate what will happen and what steps will be taken in days, weeks, months, years.

I take information very seriously and those who lie to me simply have cluttered my brain, so I mark them as undesirables and place them in boxes labeled 'REJECTS'.

I have blacklisted a lot of conmen this way.

People who lie to me are simply trying to pollute and poison my mind with misinformation. It screws up my calculations.

So anyway, when I meditate, I accept my hyperactive mind. And I shift my focus to my breathing, the things that I touch, that I see or hear. I focus on the thing and the experiences without labelling them. They eventually become something other than what their names are.

Once in a while, I would think about people, but people are irrelevant. Each individual is wrapped by many layers of labels until you do not even see the person inside. And they will also try to plaster you with labels as well.

This is called judgment. Jesus said, "Judge ye not, motherfuckers!"

When you come to a point when all you focus on is what you are experiencing at the present moment, you no longer worry about the future, about people and recognise all drama as what they are - a resistance to the present compelled by obsessive labelling.

If you resist the present, you resist reality. There is a name for this condition - insanity. This is why I find most people delusional and crazy. Most often stupid.

Trapped in their little world, while those who suffer try to inflict their suffering, their pain on others. The righteous ones try to push their righteousness down people's throats, insecure of their own truths - whether they are right or wrong.

Insignificant. Irrelevant.

What is relevant is now. And right now, I am typing without wearing pants.