Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving Parts

So many things happened today. So many things yet to do. A million, billion different parts.

My friend, Joe Lee aka KlubbkiddKL was attacked on Twitter by some people.

I have had my differences with Joe, and his comments can be biting and harsh, but I do not believe he deserves to be singled out like that. And for what?

Well, there's freedom of speech and I stand by the right of anyone to say anything. However, that freedom comes tampered with wisdom.

I don't go to Thailand and spit on a poster depicting the image of their king. I won't go to Saudi Arabia and have sex in front of the police, eating bak kut teh which I visibly stole from someone.

Do I want to be able to do those things without persecution, to express my 'artistic' whatever? Yes. I believe in freedom. I revel in it.

But seriously, for what? I often ask this question when some people want to do something stupid or wasteful, and the answer is always, "Simply." or "For fucks."

You know why? Because it is driven by the ego. You want to do it because your ego felt small and your ego wants to feel big again. That's what I think. And I think this is stupid.

Every move should have meaning. With a strong core, then it is powerful. Hollowness only gets you destruction.

I believe that any freedom should be used wisely to contribute to a world you want to live in. You can have as much fun as you want, AND be of contribution.

And you can still say fuck off to the idiots. In a way that is constructive and so creative, the only thing they can mutter under their breath is, "Sial, sial...".

Our cultures all promote a light touch. That art is lost now, drowned by a youthful enthusiasm of newly-found freedom.

Our society is young. Let it grow.