Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sick of It

I just finished two proposals and my brain is mush. I just reread this article and it sucks, but fuck you. Suck my dick.

A lot of Malaysians get close to free medicine from Government clinics and they still complain about not getting plastic bags or some shit for their pills.

What the fuck, man?

Why bitch like a bitch?

A friend of mine broke his leg last year and all he had to pay was RM11, because his wife is a Government servant. That's right. Eleven fucking ringgit.

I'm not telling you to vote for the BN Government. But we should keep this system. Some parts of it, at least. In fact, fuck the BN Government. It is time we transcend parties and have orgies instead.

People whine about Malaysian healthcare being stupid. Well, you're still alive, aren't you? Any civil servant ever went bankrupt from paying hospital bills? Are there a lot of them? Name 10. Hell, name three.

While we do not have free healthcare, and some people are fucked if they get cancer or AIDS, we should keep what is working and improve on that instead of whining about shit you don't know.

I take care of my parents' medical stuff, right? Big fucking deal, right? Well, I must say that for years, my father only had to pay RM1 for all his monthly medicine. All he had to do was show up at the clinic for a monthly test and he gets his drugs.

I wish everyone could have the same shit. We don't. I don't. If I get sick, just fucking kill me.

Nowadays, he can't go to clinics no more cause he's sick. And if you don't go, you don't get your monthly medicine. I say this shit is fucked up. I say if citizens are too sick to go, the clinics should at least give the meds over to the family.

Nowadays, his meds cost a few hundred bucks a month. Since he doesn't have medical insurance, some procedures are done at Government hospitals, which charge only around 10% of fees at private hospitals.

Why aren't we talking about this shit? He you old people - this is your ass, man! Make some noise!

I do not believe we should have free healthcare, but we should have cheap healthcare, and we're 90% there.

I know that if I get cancer, I can depend on some stupid Government hospital to make me wait two weeks, patch me up, and send me back to war.

We can do better than this.

We can improve on the quality of healthcare if the rich fuckers go and pay for their own shit. But we should also not allow any of our citizens to die because of money.