Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Malay Mobile: Progress

I woke up just now from a dream. It's about my car - The Malay Mobile.

A friend asked today, "what do Malays buy?" and I got pissed off a bit because Malays buy junk. Their purchases sometimes baffle me, like wedding bullshit to show off to people, electronics to show off to people, and many forms of junk, just to show off to people. It's all JUNK!

Been bitching about it for years, and then I realised that I am buying junk as well.

I think, for my first car, at 32-years-old, I want a used vehicle. Something I would not give a shit about if I get it dented here and there. A strong car, and safe cause I'm paranoid about road safety.

I'd need airbags, a history of reliability and great reviews throughout the years. And then there's the actual heap itself, which must be in good condition. An expert is coming to town this weekend, and we may take a look at some candidates.