Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Karmic Wheel Turns

I believe in some sort of karma. I understand that whatever energy we put out gets returned to us. Whatever good deeds, deeds and misdeeds will eventually set forth events in motion and soon we will find ourselves surrounded by them.

I'm no angel, and some years ago, the bad things I did haunted me every day and every night. Until I realised that guilt is best-handled by Christians. And fear by those who are more Islamic than any Muslim.

We create our own hell or heaven. We write our own stories.

Of utmost importance is intention. Islam speaks about this. If your intention is pure, no power in the universe can condemn you.

To align yourself with the proper intention, though, is deceptively simple. Means it is not.

A lot of intention stems from ego, and a desire for self-preservation, which is also egoic in nature.

I write this as a reminder to myself. To always, always, be in alignment with the truth, and to always embody good intentions.

There will be the misguided deeds of people, for people are blind, dumb and deaf. There will be other shit.

But our intentions should always be pure, and fuck everything else.