Thursday, March 8, 2012

House of M: Executioner's Song

I believe that all media companies should make a transition to putting forth their content on new media. I believe that the days of selling dead trees are nearing its end. It will not die off so quickly, but eventually it will be there.

Then again, if media companies don't do so, it could be good for me and many others. More so for others.

You see, if new media companies do not learn that they either have to change or die, they will die. In their death, the information vacuum will be filled by new media warlords. A shift of power will happen and as Bob Dylan said in his song The Times They Are A-Changin', 'those who are first now will be last'.

Those on top of social media will reap the benefits. The effect is total. Already, young artistes who are new media savvy are making their mark without the intervention or input from the old giants, the old stalwarts.

People can now see and listen to the new single of singers on YouTube, they can watch movie trailers everywhere online. Print a gossip in the pages of a newspaper, and you may get angry, but have it on the forums and Twitter, and people panic.

Print is dying at an alarming rate. But not fast enough for some people. One day, the social media warlords will realise this, and they will rise, as a single unified voice of chaos. Powered by their reach of millions, old media will finally be on its knees.

As a content producer, in various formats, I am not at all concerned with the impending shift. In fact, I welcome it, because I believe that content is needed anywhere, anytime. There will always be a job for a writer. Often times, it is shitty and encompasses many more things than just writing, but content is still king.

This was not so a few years ago. Almost everyone who was anyone was producing content. Now that they have a taste of what it entails to produce content on a consistent basis, they will appreciate content more. There is a better appreciation for good writing, good videos, good editing, good music. We are heading, slowly, towards a more educated society.

Media companies need to realise that they sell content, not the medium on which the content is presented to the public. You are not selling dead trees or pixels. You're selling communication and information.

Until the media companies realise this, they are useless. Dinosaurs waiting for the slaughter. Waiting for extinction.

I will not be so arrogant as to say how and when, but it is coming, and may God have mercy on man and machine.