Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vagabond: Ambition

Tonight, I go on stage to talk about one of my ambitions. Saya Sebatang Pensel at PJ Live Arts, Jaya One.

A former ambition, of course, because ambition is poison. I believe desire is poison. Have seen a lot of good men and women who become stupid and kill themselves over a desire too big to be fulfilled.

Religion also tells us that desire is bad, condemning us to repress it, until it becomes a potent toxin and then asks us to take it, saying it is good medicine.

I was asked whether I wanted to act, recently. I have no such inclinations. I do not want to attract attention to myself as I am happy behind the stage.

I am on the stage tonight simply to understand more about it. Stage presence, which is similar to the presence I have read about, and crowd interaction.

The stage is another form of communication, and since I am in the business, it would be beneficial to see how the process goes, and learn from the failures and successes.

However, I have no expectations. Having no ambitions is good for me and contrary to the belief that this will diminish drive, I am now free to focus my energy on one task at a time. This focus is more effective than constantly longing for a goal and giving myself cancer over it.

Lots of people say they want peace, and then they complain about other people or things in their environment or unfulfilled desires - eliminating any possibility of peace.

It would be much more effective to do something about it. Just be still, and move. And with each motion, the universe moves with you.