Monday, March 19, 2012

A Tale of Sound and Fury

Tonight, I went through a full half-hour of dramatic pathos, heroic delusions and unbounded megalomania.

I was explaining to a hapless friend how I am humanity's last chance, the saviour of mankind, when I thought, "This is stupid."

I am NOT anyone's saviour. I am NOT a superhero. I am a man. With a dick.

In fact, I am nothing. I am space.

There is no need for drama or a heightened sense of self-importance. I breathe, I eat, I shit. And when the time comes, I will die. Nothing at all like the drama in my head.

For a while there, I was caught in the ego's story. We all have stories in which we are the leads, the heroes of our own saga. We tell it to ourselves everyday and if we're not careful, we will believe in our own bullshit.

I think part of growing up is getting rid of that addiction to focus on the task and decisions at hand.

I currently have many things to do and think about. Rather than drown myself in a pool of angst and pathos, I am going to do some work.