Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saya Sebatang Pensel ++

I went for a rehearsal today, for this thing I'm doing on March 17. I'll be on stage for StoryFest or something at PJ Live Arts.

Here are the actual details:

Directed by Pang Khee Taik, the thing I'm on takes some of those essay questions we faced as young kids like, the autobiographical 'Saya Sebatang Pensel' or 'If I'm a Billionaire...' and revisit it with adult themes.

I chose 'Cita-cita Saya' and what started out as a lame autobiographical whatever is now replaced with my anecdotes on just one ambition I had.

Tested my delivery, and I suck. Need to work on it somewhat. I got a few days. We'll see.

I've never been on stage like this before so this will be a new experience. Pang spoke about presence, which reminds me of the shit I've been reading the past few years.

Being on stage is a bit more complicated than I expected, and I would need to work on voice as well as energy projection, also to revisit some characters I have done before.

The thing is, whenever these artsy people ask me to do anything, they always expect something like I've done before. Meanwhile, I usually discard any voice or character I have used before, because I am bored with it and would want to explore new things, usually starting with a very bland base.

If I've learned anything, though, is that fuck everything and go for something that will work.

I chose racism as part of the theme and am planning a presentation of sorts. I already rewrote my piece and thanks to Liayan Dizzy and Elza's pieces, as well as Pang's keen insight, I have some ideas as to improving the performance and delivery.

Click here for more info and to buy tickets. It's RM40 for early birds and RM45 at the door. RM35 for LIVE card members. It's pretty limited - we're not expecting huge crowds - and the show will be a bit more intimate. If Thai hookers are there, even more so.