Thursday, March 15, 2012

Chakram Shooter!

Some people label me a pussy. I would have been disturbed if it was the me a few years ago. When I was fueled by rage and hate.

Some believe in retaliation, in reaction. In how one looks while working. I find this to be primitive and hardly effective.

Since I'm the old man now, I can speak from experience that doing things while pretending to be a headless chicken and handling it calmly achieves the same goals, but a calm approach leaves less flaws.

I can also say that emotion is not important. In fact, it is a distraction stemming from the ego. What you feel or what you think does not change anything. Your decisions and your actions do, so focus on that.

I spent years feeling. All that time, wasted, when I could have done more. So none of that. It IS a marathon, not a sprint. Reactions usually just make things worse.

So call me a pussy. I can scream and yell and say "No! I'm a dick", and none of these would change anything. Nothing changes the truth, which is neither good nor bad. The truth is beyond labels.

Sun Tzu said, "Sit on the riverbanks long enough, and you will see the bodies of your enemies floating by."

Without moving, without reacting, in stillness I am at peace as the world turns. Heaven and earth great shift!