Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lancapan Padu Maut: Ego dan Kemusnahan Dunia

Shallow. Tohor. Cetek.

Bagi aku, kebanyakan manusia yang aku pernah jumpa amat bodoh, bukan pasal IQ mereka rendah atau mereka tak boleh buat Add Maths. Mereka bodoh, bahlul, bengap dan pukimak sebab mereka - bagi aku - melihat dunia dengan penuh cetek dan hanya dari segi luaran.

Jadi, adakah untuk tidak menjadi bodoh, mereka semua harus jadi 'deep'? 'Deep', dengan tanda pembuka dan penutup kata, ialah slang bebudak jaman sekarang yang lebih menjurus kepada poyo.

Contoh: Tengok filem Holy Mountain lepas tu melancap tanpa kawalan. Tengok filem Zardoz dan cakap pasal subtext. Baca Haruki Murakami sebab... sebab poyo sial baca Haruki Murakami.

Yang membuat umat jadi shallow bukan pasal buku apa diorang baca, atau filem apa diorang tengok. Diorang shallow sebab diorang self-absorbed. Diorang taksub dengan diri sendiri.

Dalam diri setiap manusia, ada satu benda, satu makhluk yang asyik beritahu diorang bahawa diorang tu spesel. Diorang istimewa, diorang terpilih. Kalau 100 orang terjun bangunan 10 tingkat, mati atau patah riuk. Kalau diorang terjun takpe, sebab diorang spesel.

Bodoh, kan? Ya. Kenapa bodoh? Sebab diorang shallow.

Benda yang cuba yakinkan diorang tu bahawa diorang spesel, bagi aku, ialah setan. Sebab benda ni paling buruk dan racun paling pukimak anak anjing yang kita boleh telan.

Kalau kau dengar benda ni, kau akan percaya bahawa kaulah manusia terpilih, the Chosen One macam David Moyes. Kau akan percaya bahawa orang lain lebih rendah daripada kau. Ini akar umbi kepada semua perang, termasuk perang agama sebab orang beragama pun rasa diri sendiri lagi bagus daripada orang yang dia bunuh. Sebab apa lagi bagus? Macam-macam sebab yang diyakinkan oleh benda itu. Benda itu, ialah ego.

Kalau kau baca Freud, kau akan tahu dia kelaskan identifikasi diri dengan tiga tahap - id (naluri dan nafsu kebinatangan seperti nafsu makan, nafsu seks dan nafsu lain), ego (atas sikit, identifikasi dengan label dan cuba menghubungkan kehendak id dengan realiti dunia sebenar), juga super-ego (sesuatu yang berfungsi melawan kehendak dan nafsu id untuk menegakkan nilai-nilai kemasyarakatan dan berlagak sebagai suara hati yang murni).

Semua ni aku kelaskan sendiri sebagai ego. Senang. Sebab ini semua bukan diri kita, kesedaran kita yang sebenar. Bukan dalam bentuk ini.

Jesus Christ cakap, 'deny thyself'. Nafikan diri sendiri. Diri sendiri apa yang dia cakap tu? Ego. Pendita Hindu cakap, 'the mind is maya'. Minda kita ni tak real, sebenarnya. Minda kita palsu. Minda = ego, dalam konteks pendita Hindu tu la.

Kalau mamat yang backstab rakan sekerja untuk DILIHAT lagi bagus oleh bos atau mamat yang menipu bini sebab nak main perempuan lain sambil DILIHAT suci tu bukan diri kita yang sebenar, siapa diri kita?

Bagi aku, jawapan dia ialah 'the awareness'. Kesedaran. Ramai orang tak paham 'the awareness'. Dia main cakap je. Aku lain. Aku paham, sebab aku spesel. Muahahahaha.

Kau boleh panggil dengan nama lain. Jiwa. Raga. Bakul. Basket. Roh. Semangat. Kesedaran ni cuma muncul bila kau ada empathy dengan orang lain. Ramai orang yang CAKAP dia empathetic sebenarnya hanya menghakimi orang lain. Dia tak paham pun orang yang dia cakap dia paham tu. Dia cuma hakimi mereka dengan senang. Sebab apa? Sebab malas. Susah nak pikir pasal orang lain ni. Susah nak jadi empathic. Kena rajin. Ko rajin ke?

Monday, April 14, 2014


I went for breakfast and one guy asked me about how to address the religion issue in Malaysia.

We've heard all the bullshit everyone is doing. In some small, way, I am moving towards something that could make a difference, but I can't divulge any information yet. Instead, I will tell you the underlying philosophy behind it - my thoughts on it.

I believe that religion - all religions - in this country have been abused and misused to forward the agendas of some people. Mostly political, but even underneath that is an egoic purpose. Religion has been used to tell other people they are wrong. That the accuser's brand of whatever Kool-Aid they're drinking is superior, hence, they are better than other people. They are more enlightened, they know the REAL truth - all the same common trappings of a hyper-intellectual like me. The only difference is I'm way smarter to deal with it than these idiots.

Let's take Christianity and Islam. Or more specifically, the Catholic part of Christianity and the Sunni part of Islam. Both religions pray to the same God - the Abrahamic God. The underlying tenets of both religions are the same - be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

And yet the egoic pursuit is about the differences, because only through differences can any one claim to be better or superior than another.Even though God said, in ALL the holy books, that beside God, everyone is the same. And He/She/It is the ONLY one who judges all.

One can simply look at the Ireland problem to see how Catholics and Protestants kill each other or how Shiites and Sunnis do the same. For what? So that one person or a group of people can assert a very unstable and ultimately false sense of superiority.

It is ultimately egoic in nature. Total bullshit.

These idiots crave the approval and acceptance of others because they subscribe to the point system, without even knowing all the rules for scoring. Why? It has been stated before and I'll say it again - these people have such unstable faiths that they need the validation of others, the agreement, that they are doing the right thing.

Anyway, I believe that any effort in developing an inter-faith agenda is to set common goals and work together towards them. This will encourage these religious people to find similarities, a common ground that is NOT based on talk or fighting over who gets born when and on which desert.

I believe that if people of all religions in this stupid country can agree on say, helping the poor, and act in tandem towards that same goal, regardless of religion, race and stupid denomination, there can be hope.

Set a common goal - help flood victims on the East Coast or work together towards addressing drug problems or social issues. Stop TALKING and do something. Together.


Kick politicians from any project. Politicians and politics are ruining the country, creating their own stupid religion. We have seen Anwar, DAP, PIS-M and UMNO make use of religion to forward their ends. Why? Because they think you're all stupid.

Are you stupid? So far, yes you are.

Both Islamic and Christian philosophies are charitable in nature. They are all-embracing, accepting religions. Like Buddhism. But we hardly see any of that nowadays.

I believe that if we get religious people to see and accept each other as people, a lot of problems can be solved or avoided.

Realistically, though, I doubt this will ever happen. Ego always wins in the minds of monkeys, even though the Hindu stance on the mind is that the mind is maya. Virtual. It is not real. This extends to the ego, but nobody wants to give up the drug of feeling as if they are better than other people. As if they are special.

It makes me sick.

It will take a lot of soul searching before these monkeys attain the realisation that they are NOT the center of the universe, but they ARE the universe.

Well, Malaysians have a choice. I give them 50-400 years to evolve and gain tranCenDenz, capital C, capital D. Before that happens, all of humanity will be on a train, escaping the effects of climate change.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm So Fucking Pissed Off

I was extremely motherfucking busy these past few weeks. Ever since I got off the plane from Thailand, people kept pushing me for shit. So much so, I didn't have time to kill Malaysians who were racist towards fellow Malaysians.

I mean, I was on the fucking bus from the airport, and I got endless calls and SMSes. Couldn't catch my breath until now. Even then, I would not have written about MH370 until some of the craziness have cleared up. I was hoping to write AFTER the plane has been found, but finding a rare break in my activities, I will write my thoughts down now.

The Japanese Government said some very wise things. Over 20 nations of the world came and helped, regardless of how much some of their media people tried to be as racist, rude and stupid as they could about this issue.

These people who volunteered - everyone - are doing their best and endangering their lives to find the plane. And here we have stupid motherfuckers trying to look different so they can lick the assess of some racist fucks better.

One failed Malaysian wrote this: "while our failures are appalling, we did not make the plane disappear."

This guy, to me, seems like he's trying to ingratiate himself to people attacking the nation by putting himself above the rest of the monkeys.

"I'm a good monkey, boss! I'm different!"

Fuck you.

Are Malaysians free of guilt? Could some things be done better? Sure, nothing's perfect. I believe the biggest scandal is the role of the military in not being able to detect the plane when it was in the air. But that's a national security issue, and is for later investigations. The focus, as aptly put by the Japanese Government, is to find the plane.

I am a member of international online forums and even some white people defended Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines without being asked. That, to me, is sign of evolution. Some even pledged to use Malaysia Airlines as it is the cheapest full-service airline accessible to him.

I understand if foreigners - especially white people - want to be racist towards Malaysians. I certainly don't agree to the bullshit racist shit-don't-stink song-and-dance routine, but I get it. Sometimes, I even expect it. Not from all white people, but from the idiots.

And I'm not saying ALL white people. I'm talking about RACIST white people. Those dumbass racist motherfucking condescending foreign reporters who constantly attacked Malaysia and Malaysians. Those racist Internet trolls and motherfuckers who said "I don't want to fly with an Asian pilot." or "how dare you rice farmers tell me - a superior Westerner - I'm out of line."

No, I get it. I totally do. You're fucking douchebag racists whose father fucked your mother in the ass one day and out popped you - a shit-baby. Your retarded behaviour is good for me because I can show them to my fellow Malaysians as a demonstration of what you motherfuckers REALLY think of them. I don't give a fuck what you think of me so what you think is irrelevant, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, my beef is with Malaysians who are racist towards Malaysians. These Malaysians would kiss the asses of racist white people by putting Malaysians down.

I mean, fuck you. I can understand racist white people, but I cannot, for the life of me, understand Malaysians who want other races to think that while Malaysians are indeed dirty brown Asian monkeys, they - the chosen few - are superior. They want to be some kind of Uncle Tom or some shit. Fuck you, motherfuckers!

I'm not saying turn a blind eye towards any of our failings - in fact, we should dissect anything and everything that goes wrong in this stupid country. But to judge and condemn our own nation while some parties are attacking it is simply the worst demonstration of colonial colonic irrigation I have ever witnessed.

I am, today, never ashamed of anything Malaysians have done. I am not even embarrassed by our movies, not even 2 Alam or Apa Celop Toqq or even Strawberi Cinta. Hell, I did some of them. You know why? Cause I believe this need for approval from white people - or anyone - is stupid.

You can all, each and every one of you monkeys, stand in line and suck other people's cocks while hoping some asshole racist fuck will pat you on the head and say, "Good dog, Ubu, good dog." And you go, "Woof!" I don't give a flying fuck!

This pathological need for approval stems from a self-hatred caused by low self-esteem. Yeah, I'm judging you bitches. Don't stop sucking those cocks!

Malaysians have such low self-esteem, Dr M even came up with the first of bad sloganeering - Malaysia Boleh. Just to teach you apes that yes, you can do it, bitches. I believe it showed desperation on Dr M's part as he witnessed the ever eroding confidence of Malaysians to stand tall and do shit their way.

Me, as the Greatest Mind of the 21st Century and the most evolved being on the planet, I look at all this bullshit, and I just want to kill.

Only Malaysians can judge Malaysia. This is our land. These stupid leaders were elected into office by OUR votes, using our crappy democratic system. And no matter how stupid these fucked up politicians on BOTH sides and no matter how banged up our radar system is, it is ours, and our responsibility. Take ownership of our shit and our shitty people, cause only we can talk shit about ourselves.