Monday, April 14, 2014


I went for breakfast and one guy asked me about how to address the religion issue in Malaysia.

We've heard all the bullshit everyone is doing. In some small, way, I am moving towards something that could make a difference, but I can't divulge any information yet. Instead, I will tell you the underlying philosophy behind it - my thoughts on it.

I believe that religion - all religions - in this country have been abused and misused to forward the agendas of some people. Mostly political, but even underneath that is an egoic purpose. Religion has been used to tell other people they are wrong. That the accuser's brand of whatever Kool-Aid they're drinking is superior, hence, they are better than other people. They are more enlightened, they know the REAL truth - all the same common trappings of a hyper-intellectual like me. The only difference is I'm way smarter to deal with it than these idiots.

Let's take Christianity and Islam. Or more specifically, the Catholic part of Christianity and the Sunni part of Islam. Both religions pray to the same God - the Abrahamic God. The underlying tenets of both religions are the same - be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

And yet the egoic pursuit is about the differences, because only through differences can any one claim to be better or superior than another.Even though God said, in ALL the holy books, that beside God, everyone is the same. And He/She/It is the ONLY one who judges all.

One can simply look at the Ireland problem to see how Catholics and Protestants kill each other or how Shiites and Sunnis do the same. For what? So that one person or a group of people can assert a very unstable and ultimately false sense of superiority.

It is ultimately egoic in nature. Total bullshit.

These idiots crave the approval and acceptance of others because they subscribe to the point system, without even knowing all the rules for scoring. Why? It has been stated before and I'll say it again - these people have such unstable faiths that they need the validation of others, the agreement, that they are doing the right thing.

Anyway, I believe that any effort in developing an inter-faith agenda is to set common goals and work together towards them. This will encourage these religious people to find similarities, a common ground that is NOT based on talk or fighting over who gets born when and on which desert.

I believe that if people of all religions in this stupid country can agree on say, helping the poor, and act in tandem towards that same goal, regardless of religion, race and stupid denomination, there can be hope.

Set a common goal - help flood victims on the East Coast or work together towards addressing drug problems or social issues. Stop TALKING and do something. Together.


Kick politicians from any project. Politicians and politics are ruining the country, creating their own stupid religion. We have seen Anwar, DAP, PIS-M and UMNO make use of religion to forward their ends. Why? Because they think you're all stupid.

Are you stupid? So far, yes you are.

Both Islamic and Christian philosophies are charitable in nature. They are all-embracing, accepting religions. Like Buddhism. But we hardly see any of that nowadays.

I believe that if we get religious people to see and accept each other as people, a lot of problems can be solved or avoided.

Realistically, though, I doubt this will ever happen. Ego always wins in the minds of monkeys, even though the Hindu stance on the mind is that the mind is maya. Virtual. It is not real. This extends to the ego, but nobody wants to give up the drug of feeling as if they are better than other people. As if they are special.

It makes me sick.

It will take a lot of soul searching before these monkeys attain the realisation that they are NOT the center of the universe, but they ARE the universe.

Well, Malaysians have a choice. I give them 50-400 years to evolve and gain tranCenDenz, capital C, capital D. Before that happens, all of humanity will be on a train, escaping the effects of climate change.