Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Intermission: Past, Present, Pending

Last week, I pitched an extremely intelligent, dignified movie to some people who wanted to do an extremely intelligent and dignified movie about extremely intelligent and dignified people.

I do not believe it will ever get made and even if it did, it will probably flop at the box office because movie audiences do not flock to see intelligent and dignified movies. This would be purely an exercise in national service and doing things for the sake of a greater ideal - if it ever gets made. Others might accuse us of self-absorbed wanking, but all art is self-absorbed wanking.

I got two comic books to write and one to publish. I also have a TV series to finish.

There are some details on a few quotations I have to see to after coming back from CNY. I cannot take all of them, so I will only do what pays the best and gives the most satisfaction as well as freedom. Lots to think about during CNY. One thing's for sure - I am the best in the world at what I do and I no longer come cheap. Neither does my team.

Oh, yes. I have built a team. Hand-picked each member, with fringe players coming into play. Jose Mourinho demands physicality and everyone doing their fair share of defensive duties. I demand loyalty and intelligence as well as adaptability. With this, comes speed.

The kind of things I might be doing in the next few months might require skill sets that do not exist yet in this country. Like sex gymnastics or something. New challenges keep me on my toes.

Meanwhile, my little comics publishing endeavour is shaping up to be in a most interesting position. There are opportunities that suddenly opened up and if I can publish three books this year, I'd be very happy.

I'm also doing an app or two.

Some motherfuckers still owe me money and a few owe me blood. I will collect this year. Or I can imprison them for 15 years and when I let them out, hypnotise them to fuck their mothers.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why Malaysian Movies are Stupid

People often ask me why Malaysian movies are so stupid. I tell them this is necessary as all movies are stupid.

All movies and all songs are dumbed down to their empirical values. One simple message that reaches out to a base emotional level.

It's like in the book Animal Farm. Everything the farm revolution stood for was boiled down to a simple slogan - "Four legs good, two legs bad." This was originally done for the sheep, who are depicted in the book as stupid, just like people in large groups.

The problem with Malaysian movies and some songs (most of Malaysian music is on par with whatever we have globally) is that it is simply the messaging without the details. No data, no information, no 'isi penting' or proof or arguments to back up the broad statements being made. You get one character saying something general like, "Dia tu jahat." or "Dia tu urban" And that's that.

This is why Malaysian movies are stupid. Because it works on a stupid premise, using a stupid structure, for stupid people.

Look at how people interact online. How discussions and arguments are conducted. Emotive, emotive, emotive. Mana cognitive? Mana stats? Data? References?

BN Jahat! PKR curi duit!

Our culture is a culture of kindergarten emotions. We are a young society, but grow up already, you stupid sons of bitches.

The Daily Porn

Tomorrow, I got a cleaner coming here to my house, a dental appointment at 11.30am, and a show at 8pm or so. Supposed to write a letter and read it. Haven't done it, so maybe I'll just wing it.

My bed is beckoning. For a reckoning. But first, the daily porn.

Primum Mobil

As I sat on the primum mobil - the Prime Mover or as I call it, my toilet seat - I began to reflect on my day, and, as I am wont to do, the state of humanity.

It started with a shortlist of tasks I needed to get done today and I fucking did it before lunch. Also, while fielding all of these things that needs fielding, and courting, I was suddenly attacked by a member of my school alumni. Alumnus. Wait. Alumni is the plural, right? Fuck that shit.

I was accused, by this 'old friend', of being a businessman without a business. And even of being a fictional character. Meaning I lied so others would look up to me.

Well, I was perplexed at first by this wanton hatred and jealousy directed at me when I believe I have conducted my affairs properly and have successfully portrayed myself as the salt of the earth kid from a swamp with a massive brain and throbbing genitals.

Isn't that my image all these years?

I mean, if I wanted these monkeys to look up to me, the only thing I need to do is to say I am now super religious. That I repent from all the sins I have committed and am now getting married, be a breeder and occasionally suck some underaged child's cock. Bam! Instant rectecpa from the monkeys.

Unfortunately, my motivations are much simpler. A lot of people are unnerved by my lack of desire, believing that if they do not control any aspect of what I want, then they cannot control me. And not being in control freaks these shit-bastards out.

I will tell you right now of the thing I want - freedom. I want the freedom to be able to afford to die.

I have no desire to seek approval from others. The words of others are not my God. And yes, these idiots do worship the thoughts and words of others. Their God is not Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, Jehovah, Mithra, Krishna, or Xenu. Their God is Other People.

They care so much about what other people will say that they become these infantile bullshit-eaters. And they want me to feel as insecure as they do.

I asked the dude who accused me of being a fake, "Why are you jealous of me?"

He said, "Ceh. I am not jealous of you, merely repeating what others have said."

See, in his monkey brain, he thinks that by telling me Other People have been talking behind my back, I would repent, cower in the corner, shaking, as a blanket is placed over me as I pray for the approval of Other People.

Dude, I wrote Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa. Other People held seminars - actual fucking Government-sanctioned seminars - behind my back to dispute the historical accuracy of the movie which was based on mythology. Do I look like I give a flying fuck?

I thank him and others for their jealousy and their spite. It is indeed quite an honour to receive the jealousy of monkeys who worship Other People. To you your stupid religion, to me mine.

Despite my Buddhist powers, I was perplexed for about 15 minutes. I was rather surprised that despite not doing anything, I am considered a threat.

These are the same people who ask me constantly about my religion. As in, what brand of religion I subscribe to, like what mobile carrier I choose (Maxis and DiGi) or which team I support (whatever team Jose Mourinho is managing).

These same idiots - and this is pure conjecture - want to know how much people make and make charts based on who makes more money. It is a collective effort to judge one another.

Judging is God's work, not ours. See? I can be religious too. Now please, look up to me, Other People. Love me love me, say that you love me. Fuck you, bitch.

May God have mercy on man and machine.

Friday, January 17, 2014