Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why Malaysian Movies are Stupid

People often ask me why Malaysian movies are so stupid. I tell them this is necessary as all movies are stupid.

All movies and all songs are dumbed down to their empirical values. One simple message that reaches out to a base emotional level.

It's like in the book Animal Farm. Everything the farm revolution stood for was boiled down to a simple slogan - "Four legs good, two legs bad." This was originally done for the sheep, who are depicted in the book as stupid, just like people in large groups.

The problem with Malaysian movies and some songs (most of Malaysian music is on par with whatever we have globally) is that it is simply the messaging without the details. No data, no information, no 'isi penting' or proof or arguments to back up the broad statements being made. You get one character saying something general like, "Dia tu jahat." or "Dia tu urban" And that's that.

This is why Malaysian movies are stupid. Because it works on a stupid premise, using a stupid structure, for stupid people.

Look at how people interact online. How discussions and arguments are conducted. Emotive, emotive, emotive. Mana cognitive? Mana stats? Data? References?

BN Jahat! PKR curi duit!

Our culture is a culture of kindergarten emotions. We are a young society, but grow up already, you stupid sons of bitches.