Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Intermission: Past, Present, Pending

Last week, I pitched an extremely intelligent, dignified movie to some people who wanted to do an extremely intelligent and dignified movie about extremely intelligent and dignified people.

I do not believe it will ever get made and even if it did, it will probably flop at the box office because movie audiences do not flock to see intelligent and dignified movies. This would be purely an exercise in national service and doing things for the sake of a greater ideal - if it ever gets made. Others might accuse us of self-absorbed wanking, but all art is self-absorbed wanking.

I got two comic books to write and one to publish. I also have a TV series to finish.

There are some details on a few quotations I have to see to after coming back from CNY. I cannot take all of them, so I will only do what pays the best and gives the most satisfaction as well as freedom. Lots to think about during CNY. One thing's for sure - I am the best in the world at what I do and I no longer come cheap. Neither does my team.

Oh, yes. I have built a team. Hand-picked each member, with fringe players coming into play. Jose Mourinho demands physicality and everyone doing their fair share of defensive duties. I demand loyalty and intelligence as well as adaptability. With this, comes speed.

The kind of things I might be doing in the next few months might require skill sets that do not exist yet in this country. Like sex gymnastics or something. New challenges keep me on my toes.

Meanwhile, my little comics publishing endeavour is shaping up to be in a most interesting position. There are opportunities that suddenly opened up and if I can publish three books this year, I'd be very happy.

I'm also doing an app or two.

Some motherfuckers still owe me money and a few owe me blood. I will collect this year. Or I can imprison them for 15 years and when I let them out, hypnotise them to fuck their mothers.