Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flu Fighters

I come from the swamp. And to the swamp I shall return.

I grew up in the swamp, and I was a sickly child, getting a cold almost every week. Which means that my immune system is highly developed. In my 20s, I rarely get sick. When I do, flus generally stay only 24 hours in my system. A fever? A handful of hours.

I guess I am getting old.

The doctors also concurred with my self-diagnosis on another ailment - I suffer from pompholyx. It is a skin disease I probably inherited from my mother, resulting in itchy bubbles of water under my skin and quite susceptible to secondary infection.

"The cause could be stress-related," my doctor said.

"Or an allergic reaction," I added. She nodded and I went on to explain to her how I isolated my dish-washing liquid as the cause.

It has been four days since I was infected with the flu. The fever has gone and I believe I can go to work tomorrow, even though I am prone to coughing and sneezing fits still.

I do not believe this is dengue, as my fever is not prolonged and I do not see any splotches of sub-cutaneous bleeding on my limbs.

What I do have are these wonderful drugs that make my head feel heavy. I took some 20 minutes ago.

Judging by my mass, I should feel the effects right about... now.

Ah, there it is.

G'nite, then. See you tomorrow.