Monday, February 1, 2016

The Persistence of Dickery

Evil is comical, I must assure you.

I have seen, in recent weeks, a millionaire dangling a job in front of another millionaire, thinking the other guy is some sort of urchin trying to beg for money.

In fact, the first millionaire - Millionaire A - might have less money than Millionaire B. Millionaire B just sat there, quietly, and watched all this with a bemused look on his face.

I was also dangled a lot of things in front of my face by people who think I desire anything. Jobs, pussy, money. They think I operate like they do. Like I don't know which hole they came from. Because I've been to that hole before.

My ego, of course, started jumping up and down.

"You DARE dangle anything in front of me? ME? The Greatest Mind of the 21st Century?"

But... it is correct to simply sit and see these performers jump from one leg to the next, thinking he's such a great intellect and how everyone is beneath him.

My ego sensed their egos and wanted to jump. This is my training, to sit down quietly. To not react.

In Pendekar Laut (Tigershark) comics published originally by Ocean Creative or whatever, Pai Zonan went to an asylum to train his patience.

I feel like Zonan, even though I have always hated that character. Sang Elektron - Tony Loy - was more my style. A man who took on the entire universe. He died, of course.