Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This idea will never be approved in Malaysia, at least for another 65 million years, but I think TV people should do anti-TV shows.

No, not shows that try to keep people away from watching TV. Fuck that, man. TV is great.

I'm talking that since normal TV is engineered and slaved-over to make it entertaining, anti-TV will be designed NOT to entertain.


An 8-episode series of nothing. Absolutely nothing.

First episode:

A man sitting in front of the camera, doing almost nothing. Habis.

Second episode:

The man destroys the set. Commercial break. The man cleans up the destroyed set. Habis.

Third episode:

The man takes a lightsaber and tries to battle with various people who look like characters from Star Wars. Habis.

Fourth episode:

The man rides a kapcai. The face would be snooty. Habis.

Fifth episode:

The man plays various songs on his computer. Habis.

Sixth episode:

The man reads poems. Habis.

Seventh episode:

The man dances to tunes on his computer. Habis

Eighth episode:

The man records whatever he sees and does within a 30-minute period in an ultimate reality-Blair Witch parody. Habis.

This show would highlight the pains it takes to produce a proper programme - a laborious process.

Copyright Amir Hafizi

Hell, I'll do it for youtube. ANyone got a camera?