Thursday, November 13, 2008

Higher States of Being

As the world's most righteous man, I know more than other people on the nature of being right.

Achieving my level of righteous being, I have attained the stage of: "I do not need other people to tell me that I am right. I KNOW I am right."

This means that I no longer have to argue with people on what is right and what is not. Because, eventually, I will be proven as right, and the other person will die a stupid death, after decades of a stupid life.

This was fine, but there is another level. It's called "Not giving a fuck."

At this level of not giving a fuck, I would simply not care about being right or wrong. I'll just do what I want. Fuck anything I want. Destroy whatever is to my (non-existent)heart's content. Give what I want, and take what I want.

Consequences be damned.

I will be a creature of pure Id. Of instinct. Animalistic. Pure. The apex of Sefirot. God-like. Absolute freedom. Nirvana.

Nothing can touch me. And I shall smite down upon mankind with thunderous judgement. And a big dick.

The highest level, though, is called 'Thailand'. It was in Bangkok and in Phuket where I acheived a state of mind where everything made sense, and there was true acceptance of everything.

I shrugged off the world from my shoulders with, well, a shrug. Not a single thing affected me. And I felt like being nice to everyone. And I did.

I was taught the 'Seven Positions of Buddha' and the '22 Variations of the Missionary' and 'Four Hands Miracle'.