Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tales from the Drunk Side: Boddhisativa

I just got back home and fixed a screwdriver. To finish a do-it-yourself job.

Got back from Bangsar, where I drank with old friends and colleagues.

Rahman is in town, so it was a night out and shit. It was also his birthday, so Happy Birthday, Rahman!

Rahman became a globetrotter. And he lost, like, 8 kg.

Apparently, the best place in the world is Athens. According to Rahman. I'd still vote for Bangkok or Phuket, though. I don't know if Athenians shave. And I don't plan to find out. But tonight's his night. So Athens it is.

Best food is Jakarta, where they have the biggest Sup Ekor ever. I prefer Nasi Padang myself.

Best-looking people are in Athens, though I doubt that.

Estonians are pretty good-looking. And I do not like blondes. And Thais. Oh yeah. Thais.

Anyway, as this is Rahman's birthday, I would like to share some videos I watch almost every day:

Happy Birthday, man!