Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Degeneration M: Making Wrong

Being right has an ugly step-sister. Making wrong.

You make out other people as wrong, paint an unflattering image of them, and in so doing, you feel a false sense of superiority and therefore inaccurately believe that you are better than them.

As an expert in righteousness - been living it all my life - believe me that this is true. I am right. And if you think otherwise, you are wrong.

In Malaysia, this is often called 'politics'. Notice that Malaysian politicians are almost like apes. They have opposable thumbs, but they only know one or two tricks. Most noticably, chucking shit.

Essentially, all political campaigns in Malaysia boil down to this: "That person is badddd. Vote for me!"

Let's look at Anwaristas and UMNOputras and DAPIS-M.

Anwaristas often point out at the real or imaginary - but as yet unproven - rampant corruption perpetrated by the BN government. Even if it is EASY to believe that EVERY single thing is corrupt in this country, a question begs to be asked - where is the proof?

The world IS fucked up, yes. But if you believe strongly in something, there is always a better way to get it done rather than JUST whining about it. Whine all you want, but DO something. Anything.

Anyway, Anwaristas will essentially say, "These people are corrupt! Let's all suck Anwar's cock-a-maney stories!"

UMNOPutras, meanwhile, will point out to other people as extremists. As in, "Anwar is an EXTREME homo!", "PIS-M are EXTREME Islams!", "DAP are EXTREME racists. I mean, racialists!"

While these may or may not be true, UMNOPutras would do better for the happiness of the country and the world if they were to focus on how good they are and what they are doing rather than see the speck in their brother's eyes.

DAP and PIS-M are, in my opinion, too spiteful, too hateful, that I do not even want to go there. I find them like poison. That's just how I feel.

As Dr M pointed out, these people - these apes - do these things because it works. It got them the votes. That we should not blame them.

I am not blaming them. I simply think they should be held accountable for the hate they have perpetrated. The selfishness. These people put their political careers above everything else, including poisoning the psyche of the people.

They don't really care about you. They care about themselves.

This is why I have maintained that politicians and politics have failed us.

Malaysians have large pain-bodies. Everyone thinks of themselves as victims of a sort.

Having a target to blame - a scapegoat - shifts the focus and justifies every bad thing happening in their lives. They are naturally lazy. So instead of doing something about their conditions or predicament, they wait for other people to change or to make changes. Their laziness is justified.

We read about bad things happening to people, and we get so excited because:

1. It is not us

2. We feel that our lives are not so bad, after all

3. We feel superior than those people

Trust me. I am a MASTER at this.

Whenever I see people making other people out to be everything that is wrong with the universe, or when I catch myself doing it, I am amused.

They demonize people. Like Pak Lah. Well, congratulations. You - WE - got him out. But sometimes I wish that it was done in a better way. I wish there was an easier way. It is bloodless, but for some reason, I sense some crimson on my hands. That no perfume from Arabia will wash away.

They demonize Dr M. Well YOU voted him in. I even voted for Pak Lah. It is time, I think, that the people in this country take reponsibility for their own actions. Myself included.

They demonize Rocky. They salivate at the prospect of seeing him fall. I met the guy last night, and he was sitting pretty. Singing karaoke some more. Boo fucking hoo.

Some people even demonize me! And I am insignificant enough that they did not ISA my ass like RPK. Even though I tried to get in two years ago.

It is not just up to the PM to ensure that things are running smoothly. Even the guy who makes nasi lemak has an effect on others.

Find a hair in their nasi lemak, during breakfast, and some people go balistic. They tread on a path of righteous indignation the whole day. The whole world is against them. They are victims. They scream at people. Who, in turn, scream at others. At the end of the day, we end up screaming at each other. To everyone.

Oh well. That's the way it goes.

I am right. And if you think otherwise, you are WRONG!