Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Ever Living

Today, I was woken up by messages from my Blackberry (product placement, yo!).

Apparently, some (meaning: more than one) media students are asking me for advice. Career advice. Man, I am old. I am ancient.

For some of them, I gave ideas on how to select their final year project themes, who to speak to, where to dig information, and how to sell parts of the research to newspapers and magazines - as articles - to make some extra moolah.

Some are not sure where to continue their studies, and in what field of media.

I wish I had a career counselor when I was in college.

I had to be careful, though. I am inclined to be patronizing and judgemental. And the flip side of not getting any advice is getting too much advice.

As I have learned, people need to make their own mistakes. I cannot, and should not, live their lives for them. I got too much life in my dick to even spend any time for other people.

I need to take care of myself, first and foremost. Then, other people don't have to take care of me.

This is how I make other people's lives better. The best way to do it. My greatest fear is being a burden. So I make sure I am not.

What I do, sometimes, is open doors for people. My mentor, he likes to see people grow. I turn the knobs and kick people out the door.

"Go and do shit for yourself, suckers!"


"Here's a spade! Now go and grow whatever you want. And you reap what you sow!"

Because there is no other way.

Whenever I try to help people. Patronizingly help them, it always blows up in my face. They end up using me for some stuff. And as long as I do not learn this lesson, the universe will keep on sending the same circumstances and the same kind of people my way.

Thank God I read the Buddha comics. By Osamu Tezuka, yo!

But hey, that's how it is. That's how the world is. That's how life is. That's how motherfuckers roll.

I can cry and lock myself up like some emo bitch on her last tampon.

"Why? WHY? WHY?! WHYYYYY???!!! Boo fucking hoo!"

Or I can go on with my life. And fuck as many people as I want and make as much money as I want.

Excuse my dust, nigra.

And thank God for the idiots. They make me look good even without trying. Thanks, assholes.

If everyone is smart, like me, then I won't even have a job. Those assholes would have mine.

I accept the world as it is. I find out about the rules. And I play within those parameters. One day, when I am invincible enough, I will break those rules, and create my own set of laws.

And you motherfuckers have to play my game. By my rules.