Friday, November 14, 2008

The Balance in the Force

The idealists have become jaded and bitter.

This disturbed me more than anything.

As long as there are idealists, I can be as apathetic and bitter as I want.

To balance things, you see. Because I do not believe in an ultimate truth. Just perceptions.

And a balanced perspective is something I believe in.

That's why I constantly change directions. To become a deciding factor. An equalizer. Because I am so important to the universe. To keep the balance of power. Because perception IS power.

Now, when even the most idealistic of us become, basically, ME, as I was, then something has to be done.

It is not easy, being born in Malaysia - a cynical society - and being trained to be cynical, as a journalist, to maintain a positive attitude.

With the most idealistic person I know turning to the dark side, I am compelled to do something.

I can't let just one way of thinking permeat the world.

Or else we will just be a bunch of whiners. Or some fags slapping each other in the back.

The balance of power must be kept. There should be balance in the force.

If she has become me, then I will have to become her. Without a sex change operation, of course.

I may have to become...positive.


Somebody's got to do it.

Man, why am I so noble, smart and handsome?