Tuesday, November 4, 2008



I've decided to write a(nother) novel.

After a couple of failed attempts to do it every November, I am dusting off a few pages I did years back, deleted it, and am starting fresh.

I already have a book published, but that was an adaptation of a screenplay.

Now, I'm taking a break from writing movies on weekends to write my first REAL fiction.

Got several projects already for next year and I feel like writing longer prose.

It's a thriller. Malaysian conspiracy and espionage and shit.

And it starts off with a sex scene right off the bat.

Bam! A nipple in your face in the first para.

So that you would know I mean business.

I envision it to be in two parts.

When I finish it, I will hawk it around. Already, one publisher has expressed interest in reading it.

Reading and publishing are two different things. We shall see.

I think I'll give it a secret name project like 'Blue Harvest'.

I'll call it...mmm...The Vagina.