Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today is REALLY a day of rest. I am not doing jack shit. Am so tired, I wish I could die and sleep under the ground.

Last week was full drama, albeit expected and stupid.

People still try to manipulate me. Use me. In subtle ways. In big ways. I did some good. I did some evil. Some still try to stab me.


Stick it in with the rest of the 'em, IF you can find space.

Some STILL try to push my buttons. Perhaps in a desperate attempt to stay powerful. Thinking he/she is the all-powerful all-dancing, all-singing great shit scientist while others are all his/her lab rats. I dunno.


Though I am young, BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. Shove your insecurities and mad desires down some other people's throats.

The only difference was the sudden influx of racism, everywhere. Malaysia, now with MORE racism.

Well, at least we're not killing each other on the streets. Yet.

I'm still judging people. And people still judge me. In fact, they judge me before I judge them. I win! I'm right! They're WRONG! Though I have no morals, I am morally-superior!

But. Why? Why? Whyyyy??? Boo hoo hoo.


I go back home every day and listen to Queen, while eating dinner. Scarfing down wings while singing We Are the Champions.

Then, I take a big dump.