Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Ego Has Landed

A New Earth shit, yo!

I am the ego.

I am not me. The ego is not me. But it is a part of me.

Any desire to look good, to seek approval, to be better than anyone or even everyone, is the ego.

The feeling of being a victim, of being WRONGED is just the ego.

The best way to see it is to slap on as many labels as you can on yourself. Is it really you?

Am I really Amir Hafizi? Am I a writer? Am I a good fuck? Am I a homeowner? Do I own the 2-acre land in Pahang? When I wear a Dockers shirt, do I feel proud? Try a RM2,000 Raoul white shirt. Or a RM6,000 suit. Or a RM20,000 tux. Or even a RM17,000 butang baju Melayu.

Do I find value of myself in things?

When you try and seek yourself in labels and in things, that's when you are expanding your ego to accomodate everything. So, when these THINGS get damaged or disappear, or is attacked, the ego feels that it is being attacked.

That it is being diminished. And so, it seeks to reassert itself.

I have been living with one of the biggest egos the world has ever seen - mine. And even that statement was made by the ego.

And so, I know much of the ego. EGO again!

My ego mostly manifests itself in being right. I love being right. And I usually am. EGO!

I am so wise - EGO!

I am so spiritual - EGO!

My dick is delicious - TRUE HAPPINESS!