Sunday, November 16, 2008

Degeneration M

I am never going to elect a Chinese as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

There. I said it.

I am NEVER going to elect a Chinese as the Prime Minister of MALAYSIA.

And I am never going to elect an Indian as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

In fact, I will NEVER elect Chinese leaders into any position in Malaysia.

I will elect a Malaysian as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. But not a Chinese as a Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Because if a Chinese is elected as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, you know that means those tanks we saw at Tiananmen Square in the '80s are rolling on Merdeka Square. And Berjaya Times Square. And I'd be in front of them, defending the road to Bukit Bintang yelling, "Save the hos! Go back where you came from, bitch! Save the hos!"

I will vote for a Malaysian - regardless of his or her race - as the Prime Minister of my country. But NEVER a Chinese. Never an Indian.

If you ask Barrack Obama, who he is, he'd say, "I am an American." Proudly.

He's not gonna say, "Er, I'm part-Kenyan, part-white - German, Irish and English. I'm a mutt. And I have a sister-in-law who is Sabahan or something."

He's not going to say, "I a nigger, bitch. Git me some fried chikins and some collard greens. Fuck tha po-lice!"


Barrack Hussein Obama is an American. First and foremost. That's why he's going to be an American president.

All you motherfuckers, ask yourself, are YOU Malaysian?

I'm not talking about being a Malay. But can you at the very least speak the National Language of MALAYSIA?

"Ohohoh, saya...saya...say-saya..ohohoh"

Fuck you, bitch.

I ain't voting for no retard. Regardless of your race. Even if you're Malay, and you can't speak the language - the fucking language - properly, the get the fuck out.

Eleven years! Eleven YEARS you were taught the language in school. If you can't master something in 11 years, at SCHOOL, then how the fuck can you convince me, or other people, that you can learn anything else? Like, say, oh I don't know, governing a country for instance. Cause you sure as hell had no prior experience before.

I looked at your resume and none of you got, "Was Head of a South-East Asian country with a mix of ethnicity and blablabla from 1998-2006."

I am not even looking for that. No one is. But to not being able to master a language you have been exposed to all your life - that tells me you're stupid. And I don't like stupid.

You gonna fight for the people? Which people you talking about? All of them? How can you fight for them, work for them, if you can't even understand the one thing that makes us all Malaysians in the first place?

What's the five Rukunegara? Hell, what's the third one?

Islam is the National Religion. I am not even asking for Muslim leaders. But do YOU understand Islam? Enough so that you can govern properly?

I went to school and learned about Islam for 11 years. And I still may go to hell.

Kijangmas from Demi Negara wrote, "This is a COUNTRY, not a loose coalition of tribes."

Look, it's simple. Start considering yourself, first and foremost, as Malaysians. Who fight and work for ALL Malaysians. Regardless of race, gender, religion and sexual preference.

As long as you identify with just ONE race, ONE ethnicity, you will continue to alienate yourself from the kingmakers. The MAJOIRITY.

Don't go, "Now you owe me shit. I'm a victim! I was ethnically-cleansed! Git me a British passport! Boo-fucking-hoo!"

If you were ethnically-cleansed, you wouldn't be here, foo! And you want to rule in Malaysia as a...British citizen? Now THAT'S stupid. What is this, 1882?

Not gonna happen, bra.