Saturday, November 1, 2008

...And the Abyss Gazes back

I observe people fighting things that become bigger or are themselves turned into those things which they fight.

PR people wanted to go against all that is bad in the BN government. Now, they seem no different than the BN governemnt of old. Things are still as they were. And they seem to embody all that was bad with the BN government.

Some people shout 'fight corruption!' and we see more corruption. Some same-sex rights fighters went and fought bigotry and hate and they themselves became bigots and haters, while the thing they were fighting against just became stronger and bloodied their noses.

It is the same in all things.

And then, there is the 'seek happiness' mentality. Happiness is when you no longer search for something. So 'seeking happiness' will doom you forever to a life of lack and sadness.

Or perhaps to a life of illusion.

I do not know the way. But I suspect it is not one of those.

When fighting poverty, don't fight poverty. Fight for prosperity. The focus should be on prosperity. More ideas and actions will stem from that rather than realizing poverty as an anthropomorphic beast.

When going after corruption, the intent should be a corruption-free society. Focusing on punishing people who transgress will only get you more people being punished, leading to more revelations of corruption.

What one man can do, another can emulate. Therefore, the potential for all evil and all good resides within everyone.

The necessary outrage is no longer necessary. Being outraged is just another way to feed your ego. To SEEM as if you are morally superior, and therefore 'more' than the other person.