Friday, March 13, 2009

Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

In my travels, I have seen the future. And what a strange future it is.

People seem to take for granted that computers and electronics will continue to upgrade itself. As if it's automatic. It's not. Technology, sadly, is driven by market forces and a few madmen here and there.

The ceiling for microprocessors used to have something to do with photonic wavelength or some shit like that. And how small you can carve circuits on chips without breaking some shitty law or some shit.

Nanotechnology, to me, were two things. In normal science, nanaotech is when they can make the individual circuit lines 10^-9 cm or m. I forgot. You can go to wikipedia to find out properly what it is.

Whereas in science fiction, nanotechnology's holy grail is to create robots so small that it can be used for medical procedures and even to rearrange atoms. When you can rearrange atoms, that means you can take whatever base material and turn it into something else.

Like, say, water to wood. Or cotton to cheeseburger. Or to have suits that can be silk in one moment and steel in another.

Regeneration is also possible with nanotech. Or even to change your DNA.

However, this exotic science was used by shady direct-selling pyramid schemers recently to sell cure-all snake oil bullshit.

They actually came to my house. MAH HAUS! To sell my parents nanotechnology water filters. Fuck that.

The world I see, the world I want to see, is filled with lighter than air floating turbines. At more than 1000 feet above sea levels, where wind speeds are supposedly constant, these turbines - which are basically giant dynamos - provide a steady supply of electric power. I think a hundred of these will power the whole of KL, probably?

Electric cars switch batteries at battery stations tethered with such floating turbines. Like the protoculture cells in Robotech. Lithium ion. None of that nickle metahydride bullshit.

Electric cars will have no gears. The accelerator is not unlike a volume or light dial. These vehicles can, TODAY, go from 0-100km/h in under 4 seconds. no oils, the only moving parts are the wheels, which have independent motors in each. All wheel drive, all the way.

Computer microprocessors will use light instead of electrical current to send signals. Photons instead of electrons. On fibre-optic chips. As light is the fastest thing ever, the speeds would be crazy.

Porn, I mean, information, will be stored in crystals. Laptops are things of the past. Portable computers will be as big as pens. You slide them open, and they project holograms and motion-sensing invisible lasers to simulate a keyboard as well as a fully-interactive 3D display.

No longer used for fuel, petroleum then is used exclusively for polymers and roads. But not for long. Hybrid flying cars have already been invented. TODAY. It would be a matter of time before some geek figures out electric flying cars, or at least hovering cars. This will eliminate the need for roads to be built. No more tolls. No more bridges. Just markers and buoys to lead the way.

Current technology also allows for a centralised control of traffic, making jams extinct. There are roads in the States in which driving is done by computers, via satellites.

Large mushroom farms will be available, to feed the world. STarvation can be destroyed if people switch to mushrooms as a staple. Easy and fast to cultivate, a yield can be had in a few days instead of weeks. Some mutated strains of fungi can even grow on almost any surface.

As for nutrient content, further mutations can cause some to have more carbohydrates and proteins.

Cows, chickens, pigs, may be used only for flavouring.

The world wide web moves off physical servers to store itself in the atmosphere. There has been experimental research to do this. As shown in experimental cartoons. To use the world as a huge server.

Electricy can be broadcast, eliminating the need for copper wires or whatever the fuck they use these days.


And we are wasting our time on non-nude kangkang pictures and holding meetings under trees. And fighting over Toyota Camrys.

You fuckers are all losers.

This is why SCIENCE - TESLA! - SCIENCE should rule the world. Not politics.

An enclave of scientists hold meetings to determine where the world will be heading. A science council instead of whatever the fuck.

En taro Tesla, executor!