Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fog of War

Some people my age asked me about the upcoming UMNO AGM and also the future of Malaysian politics.

I told them, "Fuck should I know."

They: But you're political now, right?

They: You're BN, right?

Me: Dude, I wouldn't know politics if it raped me in the ass, all the while singing "I'm Malaysian politics!".

Truly, I am the last person to talk to about politics.

I was born with a political impedement. I'm a political cripple.

I just can't play politics!

I mean, I see SOME angles. I see some motives, agendas here and there. And I do understand a bit of psychology - as much as the next genius.

But to play it, to capitalize on things I see, is totally beyond me.

Not because I am noble, but because I lack the necessary skills.

I lack the finesse and the sneakiness of it all. The tai-chi, the capoiera.

Usually, my approach to things is to take a hammer and pound on it until something stops moving.

I am a barbarian.

I believe that my complete inability to play politics will be a great obstacle in my life.

People are political animals. Living with them means playing certain kinds of political games.

I write about politics not to play it, but to be the fog of war.

I have faith in doubt.

That's my goal - doubt.

It would be mission accomplished for me, if people started doubting all politicians and all manner of politics.

Currently, I believe they doubt BN leaders already. Even without anyone saying anything, the level of trust is extremely low.

Now, the only thing left is PR. The last stewards of Gondor.