Tuesday, March 10, 2009

S&M: Penyata Amir

As the world's leading academician, I have a solution for GiMP and PPSMI.

You know what they need to do to appease various camps?

Just keep the terms in English. The rest can be in BM.

That way, students will not be shocked when they find out that F != Fak but F = Force.

Simple, right? But our people are not simple people. This circus will continue for months, if not years.

Then again, people like me who offer suggestions are no help whatsoever. Because for each suggestion, a pretend research costing millions will be done.

Here's an offer. I'd do the research for RM2 million. I'll complete it within a year.

No need for a RM20 million independent commission. And the results of the research may or may not be used anyway.

Let's call it Penyata Amir.

And then give me a lordship.