Monday, March 16, 2009

Freedom of Speech

In the west, freedom of speech ends with the Jews. You can express yourself in most ways and say almost anything. However, say anything bad about the Jewish people, and your ass is owned, motherfucker.

To me, it is the most amazing construct.

Here, in Malaysia, we have seen examples that lambasting politicians can be almost universally accepted - sentiments-wise - if the recipient is a BN politician. If a PR politician gets taken to the cleaners, verbally, then it is racism, corruption, invasion of privacy, death threats, unconstitutional and whatever shit.

I await with eagerness what the reaction will be to the latest scandal involving nude photos involving a politician.

Will the people clamoring against invasion of privacy chant the same tired slogans? Will the moralistas continue their moralising of other people as well?

For me, I advise all politicians to stop taking nude photos. You guys are not that good-looking. And have eroded my faith in pornography.