Friday, March 27, 2009

I woke up at close to 5pm today.

Then, immediately rushed to Bangsar.

To test out my netbook.

Away from my apartment, my Maxis Broadband is quite fast. In my apartment, it's basically 50-50.

Yes, I can do my work on the netbook. Open Office is okay, even though some shortcut commands for Microsoft Office won't work here.

For example, to change cases in Word, I usually press Alt+O and then e.

Here, in Open Office Writer, Alt+O opens the Options tab, but the following button to go to the case-formatting is not e.

And, several case options such as Sentence Case and Title Case is not there.

There's only lowercase and uppercase.

And in Impress - the Powerpoint equivalent - Ctrl+M doesn't make new slides.

Have to right-click and click again.

The shortage of shortcuts and options could slow me down as much as 10 to 20 percent, but it's no biggie.

The important thing is that I'm using a free-license software. It's free, so I am not complaining all that much.

The Windows, I could have done without. Was looking forward to using Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is faster, safer and doesn't take up as many resources.

But the original Windows operating software came pre-installed, so what to do?

Better be hung as a sheep than a lamb.

Today was acclimitisation.

Pretty soon, like tomorrow, I'm gonna try and put in six solid hours of writing at Bangsar.

When I move nearer to Bangsar in May, I think this is what I will be doing everyday. Almost.

I am thinking - wake up, go to the gym, put in six hours while having lunch, maybe go back to the gym for another session, and then go home to sleep.

Man, oh man.

I am so cool.