Friday, March 20, 2009

Lap Dance

That's it, man. I'm getting a laptop.

No longer will I go to meetings with my thumb drive or even my AWESOME portable hard-drive.

I don't need a state-of-the-art bullshit. I already have a Core-2 Duo PC with 4GB of RAM. ANd I used to render 3D animations with a fucking Pentium III 833MHz computer with 256MB RAM. Used to surf for porn on a Pentium-S PC with 16MB of EDO RAM. Yeah, that's right. Edo-era RAM.

And before the Internet, I used to play on my brother's 486. At my primary school, there were 386s where you could play Karateka. Remember MS-DOS? Wordstar? Gorilla?

I'm going to get me a whatever-processor speed laptop. Cause processor speeds are way more powerful nowadays. With at least 2GB RAM. At least 3 USB ports, 6 battery cells and whatever the fuck.

Am not going to use the laptop's keyboard, because it sucks and I usually wear out a new keyboard every two to three months. I need a USB keyboard and a USB mouse. I fucking hate touchpads.

I don't even need Windows, cause I might switch to Ubuntu. Firefox and Open Office. VLC Media. AVG. I already have Maxis Broadband. AND my AWESOME portable 350GB hard drive.

Am only using it for Word and Powerpoint. And the Internet, though for normal shit, I already have my Blackberry. For movies and whatever shit, I have my PC.

So next Thursday, I'll be writing on my new laptop.

All for less than RM1,500.