Monday, March 30, 2009

Dead End Losers

Saw this at Shamsul Yunos's blog.

Unfortunately, I have been through similar situations before. Especially during my Computer Science days.

Yeah, I took Computer Science. Upon hearing the word 'computer' chicks generally thought I would know how to assemble a computer from scratch.

Fortunately, my brother does, and bless him, have used me as cheap labour for some of his projects by getting me to do some menial shit. And I also did some shit on my own CPU later.

Anyway, these dead end losers, they come to me, and start asking to borrow my PC.

Dead End Loser: So stupid!

Me: What?

DEL: Your PC. So stupid.

Me: Then don't use it.

DEL: In the States, we used Macs. It's way more advanced.

Me: Then use a Mac. Buy one. I need my PC to watch porn.

DEL: Why can't it just do what I want?

Me: Even a Mac, or the most advanced computer in the universe - it can't do exactly what you want. Having a computer is like having a religion where the leaders constantly say stupid things and fuck little kids. You must have A LOT of faith.

DEL: AHHH! Blue screen! My life is over! OVER!

Me: Boo fucking hoo.

You wouldn't believe the kind of bullshit these people still dish out. I took one laptop-shopping and the smallest one I could find was a Fujitsu model smaller than a carton of cigarettes.

Her comments? Why is it so big?

When I got my Blackberry, they wanted to borrow it, and started complaining about it.

DEL: So stupid!


1. I bought it. With my own money. Not you.

2. A computer is only as smart or as stupid as its user. If it's stupid, then so are you.

3. In the event of a nuclear disaster, they might eat me last.