Friday, March 20, 2009

Black and Blue

I woke up an hour ago and fixed myself a dinner-breakfast. Dinner, with stuff you'd eat at breakfast.

Soft-boiled eggs and toast. Oatmeal and strawberry milk.

People jumpin' off the walls, son. As if it be 1941.

Askin' me, 'Whatcha doin', nigger?'

"What most people did and not many ever accomplish."

"And what is that?"

"Savin' mah self."

In front of me lay a railroad track. I'm the fuckin' train. All chooed up and steamed up and bristling. But ain't nobody will lay the tracks. I 'sto do it mah self.

So ring, hammer ring. Ding, hammer ding.

Be workin' all night to lay down the tracks. So I can go and claim mah nine yards and mah six feet deep.

I don't wanna be no derailed train. Fall of the path.

Imma do me a straight and narrow.

And ain't no people, ain't no debbil, is gonna make me stop.

Yessuh, boss!

But first, I need me some shut eye.