Friday, March 6, 2009

Politiculous: A Fool's Prerogative

Been watching CNN. During this economic crisis, one of the industries actually reporting a profit are the green industries.

Alternative fuels, recycling, and all that shit. REAL liberal hippie bullshit.

And yet the self-proclaimed liberals here in Malaysia are focused on shutting down their opponents, as well as shutting up dissenting voices contrary to their hypocritical interests.

I mean, fuck freedom of speech, Anwar is God. Fuck you.

And they call themselves liberals or liberal-minded. Snot-nosed kids who think that being liberal and leftist means going to a gig and chanting slogans.

Anti-ISA this, anti-ISA that. Fuck you, man. The best attack against ISA is to give no reason for ISA to begin with. Make the damned thing so fucking obsolete that it would not be invoked in 50 years. And THEN call for it to be abolished.

Want to get rid of the NEP? Same approach. Eliminate the need or rather the excuse for it. Eliminate poverty. Have the majority of the people in control of the majority of the wealth. Simple, right? Hehehe.

If the majority Bumis have a majority of the wealth, then I do not believe there is any justification for it anymore.

That the system MAY BE corrupt is just that - maybe. But to attack the whole system means that you are attacking anyone and everyone benefitting from it - the rich, the poor, corrupt motherfuckers or those living below poverty levels.

It is a stupid tactic that would ensure the allegedly corrupt have the backing from the rightful beneficiaries.

I would like to see the NEP benefitting ALL poor people. Currently, it benefits poor Bumis only insubstantially. But what little there is, is cherished by the have-nots.

I mean, sure, the two free bags of manure I got from the NEP didn't really benefit me. But it sure does make a lot of difference to people in my village who have trouble buying ONE.

I'm sure Lim Goh Tong didn't complain about not getting his two free bags of manure. Neither did Francis Yeoh.

Racist politics are being played by everyone in politics. Regardless of the party. Yes, even PR.

In fact, in some cases, ESPECIALLY by PR.

And the fact that they pose as being morally-superior is similar to how holy men pose as being righteous and mandated by God while fucking small boys and girls. It is the most evil thing I can think of. And I'm pretty evil myself.

The stupidest thing I have ever heard in the past few years is people claiming ethnic cleansing in Malaysia and then asking for British citizenships.

I promise you, that if there was ethnic cleansing in Malaysia, you wouldn't be able to even protest. When it comes to killing people off systematically, I am afraid there would be lots of volunteers.

And that bullshit about asking for British citizenships? Come on! All this while asking for equality as Malaysians, and then asking to be Brits. That's more than a bit ridiculous, isn't it?

And all these annoying little voices. The crux of the matter is that everyone think they matter, but they don't do jack shit about it. They talk about it. They write about it. But they don't do anything.

What was your contribution to eliminating racism in the last 24 hours? How are you helping AIDS people in the past week? How did you help levelling the status quo in the last month?

What was your contribution to a better Malaysia in 2008? 2009? Do you criticize Malaysian products and Malaysian involvement? Then what the fuck are you doing, trying to sell your Malaysian bullshit to other people?

I have met with people who say that Malaysians should not be allowed to do anything. But at the same time, they are drawing salaries and payments for their work in MALAYSIA, working as MALAYSIANS.

It's self-loathing at its ugliest.

People sure do talk a lot. But when the shit hits the fan, very few can walk the talk. And I'm talking about all of you. Including myself.

People blame politicians. I do too. Cause it's fun seeing other people squirm with responsibilities that are ours to begin with.

Look, man, politicians will always be politicians. Attention-seeking whores. Rah-rah motherfuckers. The challenge is to succeed, IN SPITE of the continued existence of politicians and politics. Because they are not the answer. In many instances, they are the problem.

In essence, they are simply people. And people, they lie. They menstruate, defecate, ejaculate, urinate. I must agree with Muhammad Muhd Taib. They're HUMAN BEINGS! There's actually very little they can do. And the things they DID accomplish, it's with OUR backing.

They can build bridges and buildings, but we build them and drive cars on them and work in them, and keep them well-maintained and safe, and sometimes we rob them and blow them up.

This is what is called 'people power', not the PR version which to them means 'agreeing with Perasan Rakyat'. It doesn't mean rebelling against anyone. That's merely form, not the substance.

Anarchy does NOT mean without order. Without order, there is simply chaos. Anarchy means, without LEADERS.

And don't get me wrong. I am not your leader. I am not anyone's leader, nor do I wish to lead. That's too much responsibility.

I am a fool, for 'it is a fool's prerogative to utter truths no one else would.' And 'a fool may point out that the emperor has no clothes on. But the emperor remains an emperor, and the fool remains a fool'.

And the truth is that sometimes, or perhaps at all times, the roles are eternally reversible.