Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Watched the Watchmen

Not bad. Not great either.

It's like watching the Bible or the Talmud turned into a movie. You can never capture everything. Even in three hours.

I would be able to enjoy it more since I treat the comics as a religious document (and the filmmakers took pains to stay true to Alan Moore's masterpiece). I mean, I don't memorize the Koran, but I do memorize Watchmen dialogues. Casual viewers might love the stunning visuals and stunts. To fully enjoy the story, though, you have to buy the comics.

At least, it's better than that crime against humanity - V for Vendetta movie. Which a lot of soulless fuckers seem to think the V for Vendetta movie as the best thing ever, without even reading the comic books. Zack Snyder is definitely a better adapter than the Wachowski Sisters.

As a stand-alone film, it's just okay. I think it's worth 12 bucks.

More importantly, after the movie, I went to Ikea and bought myself an office chair. A decent one at 300++ bucks. I am now typing while sitting on it. I believe that I will be able to clock in more hours of writing on this new chair.

Which is good cause I have lots of things to write. And the next time shooting comes, I'm going on set, cause for some of my next projects, I might be playing a different role than simply the writer of scripts.