Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Inspirational Speech

I am writing an inspirational speech. And I have to get it right. Here are some outtakes:

Friends, Romany (Gypsies, for you fucktards out there), Cunt-rymen! Lend me your money!

Four score and seven years ago, I...had a dream! And it was wet. And for a time, it was good.

They send drugs here to pacify us. They send prostitutes down here to pacify us.

But now...we, mankind, have the capabilities to stop a world disaster. All of our scientific achievements. Every small step of the way...

Ended with Checkers. Whom I killed last night to get some sympathy. A death in the right places is all it takes.

And if the president does it, it's not wrong.

And if a PR guy does it, it is ESPECIALLY NOT WRONG. In fact, it is so right, so bright, so full of royal blood bright.

Let us insult our own country and apply for British citizenships. Let us make Britain Great again!