Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ultimate Boron: The Most Boring Man in the Universe!

Before Najib becomes PM, I would have completed the first full drafts of two movies.

Man, I am so cool.

I am like, the coolest ever.

And I spit in the face, of people who do not want to be cool.

I'm 2 cool 4 school.

A number of people my age are going back to school. Especially in these trying economic times.

Me? I don't have a job, and I'm cool.

I see now that I could prosper, even during this slump.

I just need to put the shoulder to the wheel and accomplish things others cannot.

For example, if given enough resources and space, I'm one of the fastest writers out there.

And by working with many different people, my experience points and my stat gains are higher.

Sensing how people think and experiencing how they work - all of these are making me faster. Stronger. Better.

I have the technology. I can build it.

And it is no longer empty talk.

I will be recognised as one of, if not THE best. In human history.

If I could, I would suck my own dick right here, right now.