Sunday, March 22, 2009

American Liberals Inspired or Sponsored By Malaysian Liberals

Baltimore - A group of American liberals have admitted shame at being beaten at their own game by the august liberalism of their Malaysian counterparts.

"For over 400 years, we American liberals have tried to shut up and shut down people who do not agree with our liberal views on freedom of speech and such," said Col. Grant Saunders. "We never thought that a small South East Asian country could show even more liberalism."

The 'country' Saunders was referring to is Malaysia. The self-proclaimed 'liberals' in that small Asian nation recently registered more liberal-chlorian in their blood when they sided with one political party and attacked the other side.

"Clearly BN is not liberal enough, and we need to destroy anything which is un-liberal and would have any views or opinions contrary to ours," said liberal Malaysian Sri Paandi.

"Street protests, destruction of cars, swearing - Perasan Rakyat is the only choice.

"Furthermore, Perasan Rakyat politicians are all clean, never indulge in questionable acts and never back down on their words. Especially when it comes to taking over the Government. When they say something, or give a date, say, Sept 16 2008, they really do it."

"Yeah, yeah," agreed Arman Ass Antebellum, "They even fart cK perfume and shit invisible pink ponies. Note that it's pink! PINK = LIBERAL!"

So impressed, American liberals are going to let go of their undying campaign for equal rights and a more liberal, green energy scheme in favour of going on the Net and fighting with un-Liberals.

"We seek to the Malaysian Liberals as a flagship of honour and morality. Because we liberals are morally-superior than un-Liberals," said Saunders.

Anti-liberal groups such as the Van Helsing Institute are inducting ever more people and manufacturing new weapons to combat this new wave of liberalism.

"The liberal threat is a real one, especially with the rise of Malaysian Liberals," said Van Helsing director Robin Van Persie. "So we came up with UV grenades, garlic spray and big-ass swords."

Van Persie promises that traditional Liberal-killing methods and tools such as a wooden stake to the heart and sunlight will not be forgotten.