Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Man. Had a wonderful meeting yesterday and a great one today. Things are looking up. And up and up and up.

I am involved in two great projects. Actually, I am involved in several great projects. But these two, and a third, will have my undivided attention for the next few weeks.

One is close to me and I will play many different roles in the production, even the bigger ones. Another is an international project that could unlock some things. The third is something I am very keen on.

Though, to keep myself fresh, I am taking one whole day off. I'm not going to do anything except watch movies and read books for a whole day.

And after making this declaration, I am sure I will start working again when I wake up tomorrow.

But for now, I'm just going to plonk in a DVD and watch a movie. And then I'm going to read a book.

See you tomorrow. Or earlier.

In all this negativity and cynicism, SOMEONE has to keep a bright outlook on life.