Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pubic Service Announcement

Man. Everyday, I see unwitting amateurs and young girls pose nude or leave their sex videos online.

Honestly, I thank you for your freedom of speech and expression.

However, I hate the screeching idiots who then claim Femi-Nazi rights.

As a sexual predator (18 and up ONLY), I feel that it is my duty to tell you the score.

Do you have a vagina?

Then it is my and my fellow sex predators' duty to fuck you. In every orifice we can find.

We don't really care if you're fat, thin, ugly, old, smart, dumb, whatever. If you have a hole in the right places, we're going to fuck you.

That's how we roll, motherfuckers! That's how we fucking roll!

All that romance is just payment for the pussy. It's like cash, without the cash. Cause if we sex predators can get you to suck on our wangs by farting in your face, we'd do it.

If we had to give you the sexual organs of plants (flowers) to get in your pants, we will. We tell you shit you think you want to hear, or we don't. Bottom line, everyone's a prostitute.

And everyone's got their niche. I mean, some people fuck dogs. What the fuck?

For example, I will never fuck a girl wearing a tudung. It's like holy water to a Christian vampire.

The smell of the fabric makes me want to puke.

So that Islamic teaching that the tudung prevents extra-marital sex? Myth CONFIRMED, motherfucker. Myth confirmed.

But for some people, they just love the taboo points of the whole shit, and I have seen tudung porn. Makes me sick, but there you go.