Saturday, March 7, 2009

Eve of Destruction: Happy Birthday, Me!

In a few hours, I'll be celebrating my 29th birthday. True to form, I'm locking myself up in my apartment.

As my own biggest fan, I am going to be the first person to wish myself Happy Birthday.

I stand in awe of myself. I have never allowed anyone to control me. There were those who tried. They dangled things they thought I want in front of me. Money. Women. Approval.

And then I took a shit on all of them. Fuck you.

Given a long-enough timeline, they have or will all be destroyed.

Then all the PR motherfuckers started branding me a BN lapdog. I'll show you BN lapdog, motherfucker. I been cracking jokes all this while, they forget that I am not an idiot. I may be a fool, cause the smart 'ball-less' thing to do is to seek approval from everyone and convince them I'm on their side, but I'm not stupid. I'm on MY side. Not yours, not theirs.

I'm not buying your bullshit. Take your holier-than-thou faux-liberal hypocritical crap, shine it up real nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, and stick it up yo ass, motherfucker!

They forget that I have built myself up as an invincible motherfucker. I work for no large company. I hold no position, no political office. I am not even a millionaire. I got nothing to lose.

Whatever I do, I do it cause I want to. Nobody ever told me to write this or that here. Some tried, but where they at? Where they at, motherfucker?

I ain't never said I was better than anyone. I said I was and am the best. But I never said I was better. Fuck you.

I fight in the gutter. I'm a gutter fighter. So what? Fuck you, bitch. Whatever bad thing you done? I done it too. I done it more than you. I done it longer. I done it dirtier. Suck my dick.

So fuck y'all. Blow me. Bite me.

I'm a fucking landmine and ever since PR dissed me, I been doing unblockable attacks.

I called them out on using BN's transgressions as justification to the hypocritical shit they done. What can they say? What's their defence? Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Yeah, yeah, shut the fuck up, bitch. Walk yo ass back to yo momma. Get that tail between yo legs. It's a two-way street, motherfucker.

I called the fucking fake liberals out. What can they say? Nothing. Cause they fake. Posers. Liberal my ass. WHy don't you liberate the world from yourself by taking a 2 by 4 to the back of your head?

They forget. I am the Lord of Destruction. Fuck you, you fucking two-bit hos. 'I get the seven digits from yo mother for a dollar tomorrow'. Eminem, yo!

Anyway, yeah. Happy Birthday, me.