Monday, March 2, 2009

Hell Yeah!

I am back home, and the house is clean! Woo! There is a maid service and it's RM10 per hour. I love it.

The parquet (parquette?) is so clean, it is reflecting like a pool of water. The whole house smells of industrial strength cleaners and I love it.

Okay. I got six packs of canned drinks. One litre of chrysanthemum tea - which makes me unable to go to sleep, if I finish it. One pack of crunchy snacks. One pack of Kit Kats (I prefer Snickers myself, but I got this free). Three full packs of cigarettes.

It's raining outside, I got a bind of papers on my lap, and a Word document on my computer screen.

It's time to work, baby, yeah!

I've always dreamed, when I was younger, that I would be paid to write. This is just fucking fantastic.